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Disclaiming prior disclaimer: I foolishly dream the Clintons drop out this week.

Obama has been winning this campaign from day one of voting. Thanks Iowa. Never a day without a pledged delegate lead. It’s been the Obama blitzkreig vs. the Clinton schmaltzkreig. At this stage of the campaign, with the MSM beating the public over the head with "threatening" images of a Christian minister, the campaign will still win. This campaign is an adaptive one. Hey, wasn’t there a foreign war & home foreclosure crisis?

What’s the buzz? Iraq? Iraq schmack. Mortgage crisis? mortgage gortgage. The ongoing MSM framed narrative has as the single most crucial dilemma facing America in the 21st Century the words of Senator Obama’s former minister. The Wright-wing conspiracy the MSM is playing out may be the Hell Merry pass of Bill Clinton’s 3rd term. I personally don’t care much whether the Clinton campaign’s goal at this point is ’08 or ’12. Whichever it is, it requires the destruction of the Obama campaign 1st. Their slim hope for that is that the media continue the Wrighting of the swiftboat. One way or another, though, they will fail to destroy Obama. The Clintons are trapped in the box, & the Obamas think outside of it.

Any democratic candidate was always going to be swiftboated. Cheap, inane & dishonest attacks were always going to be played over and over again whoever the candidate was going to be. Hello? Look at what’s at stake here. It’s pointless to blame Wright. He is speaking the gospel of Christ that he sees. Parse his words if you choose, but it’s a waste of time. The only cure for a media feeding frenzy is a new target. The Clintons will keep jumping the shark, but the media sharks may be lead to a new target. Just like a charging Rhino (pun intended).

Hit them hard where it hurts (my personal preference), right in their short attention span! Make them do that which in their heart of hearts they would never do-let go of a hot issue.

Fight back with something positive.

Change the media narrative.

Imagine if Obama decides to address the media as follows. "I have called this press conference because there is something I wish to say to the press," the senator pauses momentarily to scratch his face with his finger as he says "press," "I have decided to announce today my intention, should I gain the nomination, of asking Senator McCaskill to be my running-mate."

MSM narrative change!
WTF! He can’t do that! Play by our rules, we want to stay focused on Wright.

MSM narrative change-goes off in 1000 directions.
Bill Clinton’s last rationale for a 3rd presidency called into question. The issue of race changed into the issue of gender. Is she qualified? Where are her kindergarten letters? "Dreamer" turned into "Realpolitiker." Is it a distraction? The Clintons and the MSM scream about proper procedure for a few days. It’s too early to pick a VP, it’s as bad throwing forward a child or spouse for president!

Then 50 uncommitted superdelegates move, no longer ham-stringed with the "excuse" of worrying about alienating half the electorate.

The Clintons drop out before getting blown out in North Carolina & failing to turn things around in Indiana. Bush (soon to be) & Clinton dynasties overthrown & the republic restored. Balm in Gilead.

Or, the Clintons prove desperation yields to unaccustomed imagination & declare their own VP choice 1st...which they had kept under the kitchen sink until now.

I trust Senator Obama to choose the best person to be his VP (male or female), & to know when to do it. His knowledge of what he needs in a VP is obviously 1000 times better informed than my view. Ain’t no 2nd guessing Obama here, just a hope’n.

Originally posted to MBismo Vencerá on Mon Apr 28, 2008 at 08:12 PM PDT.


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