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Ok, this thing's a beast, and that's all cool, but let's make sure others (like Kleeb) get some love too (if not from you, perhaps another Kossack).  So after $1135, maybe we should let this one drop off the Rec List.  Others can feel free to rec the tip jar still, but how about no more diary recs... I've more than hogged the list today.  I'll do a follow-up in a day or so with the final final, plus info for those interested in the DVD ISO, etc.  Thanks!


Rec this diary so it gets seen!  Rec the tip jar for donations for Obama.  For each rec on the tip jar comment, I'll donate a dollar to the campaign.  I've seen these go up in the hundreds before, so please participate!

Now, this was (partially) to get attention.  My last diary went nowhere, so I'm trying again (see link below).

I made a DVD with video from the Obama website.  I think it could help sway undecideds, and I'd like some help getting it out there.  See below the fold for details...

Here's the contents of the DVD:

Speeches:  A More Perfect Union, The Cost of War, and 5 mins of the NH primary speech (Yes We Can).

Issues: Healthcare, Job Retraining, Mortgage Crisis, Education, Veterans, and the Environment (~5 minutes of each)

Misc: "Yes We Can" Video, A Guide to Lobbyists (web ad), and the girl from the 3am ads responding.

I've burned this only on ordinary blank dvd media (about 10 cents a piece).  It should play on most ordinary dvd players, and any computer that can play dvd's too.

The video quality is far from stellar (hey, it's from the website), but it's definitely watchable.

Live in an upcoming primary state?  Know someone in the campaign who make some use of this?  Have a DVD burner and want to make some copies and get them out there?  Think MoveOn can do something useful with this?  Contact me!  If you're in Chicago and heading out to Indiana, lemme know, I can hand off directly to you.

Email me at:  cfreel at gmail dot com.

If not, cool, just rec the tip jar for a bigger donation!


ps. Original diary:

UPDATE:  Wow, top of the Rec list!  I picked today in part because it's almost end-of-the-month.  Everyone chip in if you can!

There's lots of donation pages, but if you don't have a favorite, you can go here:

ActBlue link if you don't have somewhere else already slated for contributions (prolly too late for most, but whatever... I can donate through there at least).

Err, here's the link (duh)

Originally posted to chrisfreel on Tue Apr 29, 2008 at 07:53 AM PDT.



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