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From the Wall Street Journal:

WASHINGTON -- Federal Bureau of Investigation agents raided the Office of Special Counsel here, seizing computers and documents belonging to the agency chief Scott Bloch and staff.

More than a dozen FBI agents served grand jury subpoenas shortly after 10 a.m., shutting down the agency's computer network and searching its offices, as well as Mr. Bloch's home. Employees said the searches appeared focused on alleged obstruction of justice by Mr. Bloch during the course of an 2006 inquiry into his conduct in office.

See the following link for the whole story:

This should get interesting.

UPDATE:  Diary edited to move this information into the diary from the comments:

Scott Bloch, the chief of the Office Of Special Counsel, has been under investigation by the Office of Personnel Management's inspector general since 2005.  The investigation was initiated by the White House.  Bloch has been accused of erasing his hard drive, and that of two other Office employees in 2006.  Of course, it is this office which investigated Karl Rove on the issue of whether federal employees were improperly used in electioneering.

Originally posted to aravir on Tue May 06, 2008 at 10:14 AM PDT.

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