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Hey! keep me alive till the morning!!! When people get back to work and log on at work!  While people are complaining about the name of the place and wondering how to get around the Junta.  RotaryInternational is on the ground and running with shelter and help for the displaces thousands of the Burmese people.
Please consider donating to the Shelter box program what ever you can and see if we can''t put together enough money toward one box.

Here is the link to shelter boxes usa

I had this in another diary but just put in the link to the donation. Sorry.

As a Rotarian my huband and I donate annually to Rotary International.  Rotary is an old and time honored organization building good will around the world including Republican as well as Democratic businessleaders in almost every community in America.

By donating to this link you are not donating to Rotary but donating directly to the shelter box project.

Please donate what you can. With so many members and lurkers here at the daily Kos surely we can do something.

Don't wonder what you can do..... do it!

Ready set go......

please post your donation below
there is a comment section you can identify yourself as member of the Daily Kos!

took out the broken links.
Gotta go get my exercise now will improve on the diary in a bit.

Sheesh when I put alot of effort in it just slip slides away. I put up a crappy one and go to get grocieries and
Wheeeee Doggie!

I promoted the shelter box organization because I got a message in my email box that they were on the ground in Burma.

By request here is an organization that helps with water
An organization supported by Rotary for Water supplies if you would rather go there.
It is a fully paid for product full of new items and does not need filling by external organisations. The new items will be tailored to suit the disaster locations. The cost of a survival box Box is £105.
Purchases can be made online and we would appreciate your support.
WorldWaterWorks is managed by the Rotary Club of Chelwood Bridge.

Water-Survival Boxes will be filled by members of the Chelwood Bridge Club on behalf of purchasers. Rotarians and other purchasers will not be required to take delivery of Water-Survival Boxes and then fill them. Stocks of pre-paid Water-Survival Boxes will be held in store pending future disasters. Water-Survival Boxes will be available for instant despatch through the various key aid agencies

Originally posted to TexMex on Sun May 11, 2008 at 12:53 PM PDT.

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