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This diary is a continuation of highacidity's Food Bomb I and refinish69's Food Bomb II successful North Carolina and Indiana efforts.

Debate rages on around this site anticipating West Virginia's electoral returns tonight, with profiles of this state presented and debated, the electoral makeup dissected and analyzed.

In the midst of these, please don't forget the hardworking, selfless WV Obama '08 volunteers and staffers who persist in laying the seeds of emphasizing our commonalities and change possible via the election of this truly special presidential candidate.  They're knocking on doors, they're calling homes.

Feed 'em!

There are 12 Obama '08 campaign offices in West Virginia.  Basically, I'm looking for twelve generous dkos souls willing to volunteer to have food delivered to that office this afternoon or tonight.  You don't need to be in or near WV; just someone not maxed out and eligible to make a campaign donation (this is considered an in-kind contribution) with a credit card and a will to send a note of solidarity and make some hard workers happy!

A How-To by Pager:

Choose the office you would like to sponsor.

Call the office and ask how many people, total, including staff and phone bankers, they have in the office. Ask to speak to the volunteer coordinator or office manager. Contact info here.

Ask the coordinator/manager what restaurant he would suggest you use for a food delivery. (Many of these offices have a favorite place that is also pro-Obama so we want to be sure and build good relationships on a very local level by throwing some love and $$$ their way. Grassroots at its most productive.)

Call the restaurant and get an estimate on what it would cost and how many pizzas and soda, for example, it will take to feed 30 people.

If you can afford a sole sponsorship, order the food, set the delivery time and pay with a credit card over the phone. Give the restaurant your name and number for contact and make sure to tip generously for the delivery. This serves two purposes--gives the guy at the bottom of the ladder a decent tip and saves the office from having to cough up cash when the delivery arrives.

Once you have completed your order, call the office back and let them know they have dinner coming and at what time. They will fill out in an-kind form with you over the phone.

If you cannot afford to sponsor the office by yourself, post an email with all the relevant information regarding how many people are in the office, what the total order will cost and see if some other folks can call in and contribute. The easiest way to do this will be to email you so that you can track totals. Each person will have to call in and pay his portion with a credit card and then fill out an in-kind form. They can fill out a form from the online link, versus each person calling the same office.

This is an easy way to do something productive for the campaign, particularly if you hate phone banking as much as I do. was a wonderful experience that left me feeling refreshed and positive. So much of what we read, even here at Dkos, even from supporters, is all gloom and doom. This is a concrete way to put your money where your mouth is and do something. And free dinner really perks up the spirits of those on the ground, working their asses off for the campaign.

Here's the list of offices; okay food bombers, take your pick!!:

West Virginia Headquarters
- The wonderful princss6, first volunteer of FoodBomb III, coupled with Fineena, a veteran foodbomber who sent bbq to NC headquarters

Beckley Office
- Veteran Foodbomber BlueMama

Wheeling Office
- Superstar combination of BuckeyeBattleCry and NinePatch

Morgantown Office - [Dkos food bomber]

Romney Office
- gn1927

Elkins Office
- The wonderful snowitch, another Food Bomb veteran IIRC

Clarksburg Office
- Mystery angel

Huntington Office
- The wonderful publicv supplied the fine folks at Huntington with JJ's!

Martinsburg Office - [Dkos food bomber]

Parkersburg Office - [Dkos food bomber]

Grafton Office
- pickandshovel just picked up the hearts of the Grafton folks

Fairmont Office - [Dkos food bomber]



Sending food to campaign offices is an in-kind campaign contribution.  Just keep in mind, anyone who contributes to this effort must be a US citizen eligiible to contribute, and the cost of the deliveries counts towards the $2,300 max.
In-Kind Contributions Form [PDF]

EXTRA IMPORTANT: Please fax the form and receipts for yor purchases to the attention of Obama HQ Finance Compliance staffer
Alexa at (312) 819-2088.

Update II, from the comments:

Ok, Grafton has their pizzas on the way! and they (3+ / 0-)

are hungry too!!!!!
Jared is the organizer there, (2 time Iraq veteran, only 27 yrs old, but very wise for his yrs) and he said they appreciate it very much! Thought he had heard of Dailykos, and asked his higher-up, who told him "dailykos?, those guys are great!!!)
Jared also said that WV is very susceptible to grassroots movements, and I spoke about the 'netroots' movement, and I asked him to check out this site when he had a chance.
With people like Jared working for Barack Obama, he and we (America) can't lose!!!!!!!!

Anyone hesitating, help with this positive and appreciated activity!

Originally posted to GN1927 on Tue May 13, 2008 at 10:00 AM PDT.

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