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In the run-up to the war in Iraq, President George Bush lied to the nation in making the case to go to war. I say "lied" although he might claim that he was just putting out his version of reality, that there was a vague possibility that Saddam Hussein had some kind of chemical weapons so he could claim that Saddam had WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION. If people somehow thought that means he meant nuclear weapons (however pronounced), then he was willing to let them make that mistake in service of his larger purpose (to line the pockets of his friends).

So it grates on my nerves when Hillary Clinton claims that Barak Obama needs 2200 or so delegates to win the nomination. Sure, it’s possible that in some universe (probably parallel) various decisions will be made that at some point in the future seat all the delegates from Florida and Michigan in a way that would give her the nomination. But, I don’t think anyone paying attention (least of all the superdelegates in this universe) would confuse this to mean that Obama needs these extra delegates to win.

And I would have to ask if we want someone to be President who would fudge the facts in order to get their way, given recent presidential history.

Not to mention the fact that the entire logic of the Clinton campaign, if it’s that Obama can’t win in November, is completely faulty. This has been proven by the votes taken so far. As I understand it, she is telling us that he can’t win the working class vote. This is completely illogical because it would depend on the fact that Clinton’s organization won’t work to elect a Democrat in November. Even if she didn’t want it to, even if she actively worked to prevent that organization from working for Obama, that simply won’t happen. The vast majority of the people in her organization, I’m forced to assume, are Democrats. They are going to want a Democrat to win in November. Even a trivial percentage of these people voting for Obama would deliver that segment to him in the fall.

Let’s just posit that Obama gets the nomination. I think that’s a realistic premise. And, he goes off to campaign. He’s going to get the vast bulk of the people who’ve voted for him up to now. That’s probably enough to give him the victory, anyway. But even if he can’t get workers from Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Indiana to vote for him on his own, even if he can’t get Florida voters to come over to him by campaigning himself, what would we think if Clinton and her people couldn’t deliver them for the Democrats?

It wouldn’t give me any warm fuzzies about her capabilities as a politician. And it certainly wouldn’t make me believe she could get herself elected President. Or that she deserves it.

Really, Clinton’s argument that Obama isn’t electable is the argument that her entire organization is going to sit on its hands and refuse to help out the Democratic Party in the fall. Let’s be realistic and call that what it is: false.

While I’ve enjoyed the prolonged primary campaign and I really think it is helpful for Democrats to have a lively debate about who’s the best person to beat John McCain in the fall, I think that Clinton has now made a fatal mistake. She’s telling us fibs to forward her own campaign. I got enough of that with Bush. I got enough of that with Reagan. I got enough of that with Nixon. Don’t lie to me, Hillary. Don’t stretch the truth to get your way.

Originally posted to Liberal Thinking on Wed May 21, 2008 at 09:32 PM PDT.


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  •  Time to Wind It Up (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    Land of Enchantment, cityyear95

    When people get tired they tend to make mistakes. Campaigning for over a year must make you very, very tired.

  •  What Do the People of FL and MI Want? (0+ / 0-)

    Clinton is now talking about how she wants people's votes to count. Maybe they should. Maybe they should.

    Maybe, just maybe, they should.

    It seems to me that national pollsters have been polling in FL and MI for months now. Maybe we should just average all these polls and use the results to determine who the delegates from these states should vote for. Bind them to the polls and seat them.

    Any thoughts?

  •  why Clinton is so infuriating (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    Liberal Thinking, BenMac84

    It's not that she's damaging Obama.

    It's not that she's damaging the Democratic party.

    It's not that she's damaging so many of the causes which I believed she genuinely supported.

    Those are already extremely frustrating and disturbing to me.

    But what really gets me is that she has declared war on truth and reason.  As someone who believes that education and truthful communication will eventually lead to positive progressive changes in our government and our world, I find it incredibly, incredibly infuriating that such an intelligent Democrat is aggressively spreading lies and ignoring basic logic, mathematics, and facts.

    The aftermath of nonviolence is the creation of the beloved community, while the aftermath of violence is tragic bitterness. - MLK

    by cityyear95 on Wed May 21, 2008 at 10:35:59 PM PDT

    •  True (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:

      I'm sure that a presidential campaign, more than almost any other voluntary activity, has to put you under unbelievable pressure. But I sure wish that we were seeing a more honest response.

      I have to ask myself, what would have happened if she had made it to the White House?

  •  Deductive Reasoning (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    I have the perfect plan for Hillary starting this September.  She should enroll in the high school of her choice and take a rigorous Geometry class that teaches the concept of proof through deductive reasoning.  I have often explained to my students that lawyers use these  reasoning skills in the courtroom to make persuasive arguments.  Now I have a better idea of why Hillary failed her bar exam.

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