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That’s right – "Halliburton is an American success story..."

I could hardly believe that is what Dan Deline (Vice President, Government Affairs for Halliburton) wrote to me recently. It appears my candidacy for US Congress has alarmed the corporate bigwigs at Halliburton so much that they were compelled to write me a warning letter to not criticize them (to read the full copy of the Halliburton letter click here).

It seems my efforts to shine a light on the use of armed corporate mercenaries in Iraq and the corruption and waste within contracting operations in Iraq, has struck a nerve with Halliburton’s Washington, DC, special interest lobbying apparatus.

The most interesting claim they make in their letter is, "We can find no contract between the Federal Government and Halliburton."

Really? No Federal Government contracts? They can’t find them? Let’s go to Wikipedia and see what we find:

"From 1995-2002, Halliburton Brown & Root Services Corp was awarded at least $2.5 billion... to construct and run military bases, some in secret locations..." [Mother Jones, June 2003]

"In November 2002, [Halliburton] was tasked to plan oil well firefighting in Iraq... Critics contend that it was a no-bid contract, awarded due to Dick Cheney’s position as Vice President..." [National Review, July 2003]

"As of 2003, Halliburton was still operating in Iran..." [CNN report, ‘US companies are operating in Iran despite sanctions’]

"In February 2004, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) released a report on government contractors that use offshore tax havens... Halliburton ranked 30..."

An excellent website that chronicles allegations against Halliburton is HalliburtonWatch.

Halliburton is not a "success story." Their actions are grounds for a full investigation and full accountability including, if necessary, criminal prosecution.

I know what the stakes are when I read Mr. Devine’s opening greeting: "Congratulations on launching your bid to become the United States Representative from the 2nd District in Colorado. We at Halliburton are very involved in your state and currently have over 3,000 employees there..."

Translation: We are watching you. Halliburton is everywhere.

Make no mistake – the perpetrators of no-bid contracts, corruption, waste and offshore tax havens do not want people like me in the United States Congress investigating their actions and holding them accountable.

Now, since Halliburton was kind enough to write and inform me they are watching, I need your help to put them on notice as well that their actions are also being watched.

I am asking you to help me respond to their letter. Post your response letters or notes to Halliburton below. Let Halliburton know what you think about their unpatriotic actions... their waste and corruption... and their claim they do not have any government contracts. I will in turn take your responses and send them to Mr. Deline and make sure he knows that it is we – the citizens of this country– who are watching Halliburton!

Jared Polis
People Power!
Colorado, Second Congressional District

Crossposted from Squarestate

Originally posted to Jared Polis on Thu May 22, 2008 at 11:35 AM PDT.

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  •  For a full investigation (10+ / 0-)

    Into waste, fraud, and abuse from government contractors.

    Jared Polis
    Colorado, Second Congressional District

  •  they are pathetic (0+ / 0-)

    misogynistic, rapists, do not care for the soldiers (and have taken part in some of their deaths), they are taking the governments money and not feeding/watering/caring for the troops.  And their greedy money grubbing former leader VP Dick Cheney suggested they incorporate offshore - thus avoiding paying taxes and being held accountable for their deceitful, monstrous, disgusting, murderous, corrupt ways ......

  •  Mr. Deline, (0+ / 0-)

    Jared Polis is an outstanding candidate for Congress.  A warning letter from Halliburton is most certainly more of a plus to his campaign that a negative.  The exploitive, unethical ways in which your company conducts business is one of many reasons that the GOP will be roundly defeated this year.

    Nathan W Gates

    BTW Jared- good to see you on DKos.  I am optomistic about your chances this year, and count myself as a supporter.  Unfortunately I live not in your district, but in Denver.  I graduated from Naropa last week and loved your commencement address.

    Out of touch, bitter voter

    by nwgates on Thu May 22, 2008 at 11:43:19 AM PDT

  •  It's Not An American Success Story (0+ / 0-)

    It's an Emirati success story:

    The other thing is that Halliburton spun off KBR a while back when it started looking like the subsidiary was going to be a liability.

    There is no accountability ...

  •  Dear Halliburton (0+ / 0-)

    Thank you so much for your recent letter of support.  It will be a great help with fundraising, which, as you know, is the greatest challenge for any office-seeker.  Not that I'm asking, but if you should wish to make a greater contribution to my campaign here are a couple of other ways you could help my campaign:

    1. Send a copy of this letter to all 3,000 of those Colorado Halliburton employees. Far better than the general public, they will know exactly what it means and, I'm certain, vote accordingly.
    1. Move your headquarters offshore to reduce the taxes you pay to support the government of those 3,000 CO employees. That will certainly be a morale booster and reinforce the "American Success Story" that Halliburton exemplifies.  

    I could go on, but time is off the essence and I'm sure your government relations folks will have better ideas than these anyway.

    your pal,

    PS: I would love to come visit you, but Dubai is SUCH a long plane ride ...

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