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After the flop is a list of things the Obama campaign NEVER did.

The list includes the following:

A)  Right wing smears and lies against the Clintons that are untrue and should be denounced.  On these smears and lies I have and always will defend the Clintons.

B)  True things that the Clintons did and could legitimately be denounced for but the Obama campaign chose not too.

  1.  They never brought up Marc Rich, but could have.
  1.  They never smeared Hillary with lies about Vince Foster but could have.
  1.  They never brought up the millions of dollars in speaking fees that Bill Clinton has earned from Saudi Arabia, but could have.
  1.  They never brought up Whitewater, but could have.
  1.  They never brought up Monica Lewinsky, but could have.
  1.  They never brought up Gennifer Flowers, but could have.
  1.  They never brought up Kathleen Willey, but could have.
  1.  They never brought up Mena, Arkansas but could have.
  1.  (Deleted)  I was factually incorrect.
  1.  They never brought up Hillary's potential ethics problems from the early 1970s while in Washington as a lawyer, but could have.
  1.  They never brought up Juanita Broderick, but could have.
  1.  They never brought up Hugh Rodham but could have.
  1.  They never attacked Chelsea Clinton once, but could have.
  1.  They never brought up impeachment but could have.
  1.  They never brought up Sandy Berger and the files in his socks but could have.
  1.  They never brought up the instance in which, as a young lawyer, Hillary Clinton attacked the credibility of an alleged 12 year old rape victim beyond an ethical standard.  But they could have.
  1.  They never brought up the fact that Democrats saw a 30% decline (from 30 governorships to 21) in the number of state houses controlled from the time the Clinton's came to power to the time they left office.  But they could have.
  1.  They never brought up the Canadaian tycoon Frank Giustra and his ties to the Clintons but could have.
  1.  They never brought up the Rose Law Firm, but could have.
  1.  They never brought up Somalia but could have.
  1.  They never brought up the fact that when the Clintons came to power the Democrats controlled the Senate but that changed just two years later.  But they could have.
  1.  They never brought up Webb Hubbell but could have.
  1.  They never brought up Doug Coe but could have.
  1.  They never brought up Bill Clinton's foreign business dealings but could have.
  1.  They never brought up Tyson chicken but could have.
  1.  He could have really trounced on Hillary's RFK June remarks but didn't. Instead he chose to give her the benefit of the doubt.
  1.  They never complained when the Clintons had over 100 party insider delegates endorse them before a single vote was cast in either Iowa or New Hampshire.  But they could have.
  1.  They never made a big deal out of Norman Hsu and tried to unfairly tie him to HIllary the way the Clinton campaign played guilt by association with Tony Rezko.  But they could have.
  1.  They never made a big deal about Peter Paul and his ties to Hillary.  But they could have.
  1.  They never expressed concern over Hillary's problem in getting the votes of "hard-working black Americans." (courtesy, davidkc)
  1.  They never flip-flopped on the issue of the Michigan and Florida delegates to try to manipulate the issue to their political advantage, or tried to unfairly blame Hillary for the DNC's ruling on the state's delegates.  (courtesy, davidkc)
  1.  They never praised John McCain while at the same time criticizing Hillary Clinton on an issue.  (courtesy, davidkc)
  1.  They never called the Republicans more "progressive" than the Democrats. (courtesy, davidkc)
  1.  They never accused the media of a "cover up" against Obama. (courtesy, davidkc)
  1.  They never brought up that Hillary failed the DC Bar Exam.  But could have.
  1.  They never brought up Ron Burkle but could have.

Whether the Clintons deserved it or not, Obama has treated them with kid gloves.  Obama has been respectful, deferential, and classy.  He could have thrown the kitchen sink and several hundred buckets of water at the Clintons and still had a pool of scandals and innuendos to hurl at them.
But he didn't do it.

With the exception of the vociferous 1% dead enders who frequent 3-4 other web sites, I am confident that more than 90% of Hillary's primary voters will recognize that Obama actually was quite civil to Hillary for many months and that there really isn't much difference between the two on the issues.  (In fact, my biggest criticism of Obama is that I think there are more Americans to his left than there are to his right and I would like to see him move leftward.)  A few of these supporters may be unsatisified with bloggers like myself who don't feel the Clintons deserve the kindness Barack Obama has afforded them but I'm not on the ballot.  But for anybody to say that the Obama campaign was somehow disrespectful, then such a person is either highly disillusional or a blatant liar.

UPDATE 1 - I deleted Number 9.

UPDATE 2 - I expanded the list to 35.  It could easily be expanded to 65.

UPDATE 3 - Many of these accusations on this list are long standing accusations.  And here's what separates me from the Alegres of the world.  Instead of trying to use false allegations for political purposes, when someone makes a false allegation against a person I'm opposing, I say that it is a false allegation.  

UPDATE 4 - Here are some of my opinions.

A)  Vince Foster tragically committed suicide.  The Clintons did nothing wrong.  They actually handled the legal matters that followed with high ethical standards.  I actually saw Vince Foster's office in the White House a couple of weeks after the suicide and the Clintons remarkably and professionally sealed it off based on personal and public documents.

B)  People like Juanita Broderick and Kathleen Willey were liars.  Their allegations were untrue.  What I am trying to show, and what most people get, is that if the shoes were reversed, what would the Clinton campaign have done with similar accusations?

C)  It would be unfair to transmute some of Bill's ties and decisions to Hillary.  Some of those are on this list.

D)  There were a couple of things on my list that are fair game.  They include but are not limited to anything Hillary personally did or the effect the Clinton name has had on downticket elections in the past.

Originally posted to davefromqueens on Thu May 29, 2008 at 04:44 AM PDT.

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