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This final diary is for Obama supporters who have pre-registered to attend the Rules and Bylaws Committee (RBC) meeting, which decides the fate of the Florida and Michigan delegations this Saturday at 9:30 a.m. Please recommend this diary up so that the final details for those attending are available all day, and I am including information from the Obama campaign asking us NOT to protest at the RBC meeting.



On Saturday, the Rules and Bylaws Committee of the Democratic National Committee will meet in Washington D.C. to determine whether Florida and Michigan delegates should be allowed to participate at the Democratic convention in August. We look forward to the meeting proceeding smoothly—and we're asking that our supporters not demonstrate or disrupt the proceedings in any way.

Instead, we're urging supporters from across the region to make a positive impact this weekend by helping out with voter registration and organizational events taking place on Saturday.

Here are just a few of the many going on in Virginia this weekend:

In Arlington, supporters will meet at the Court House Metro Stop at 10:00 AM on Saturday morning before heading out to register voters throughout the area
UAlso in Arlington, Spanish speaking volunteers will be manning a nonpartisan voter registration table at the Arlington Mill Community Center, before heading out to register voters at shopping centers, grocery stores, and other high traffic areas in the neighborhood
In Clifton, volunteers will be going door-to-door talk to unregistered voters
In Alexandria, Gloria will be hosting an "Obama Mamas" Women For Obama House Party
In Norfolk, supporters will be canvassing to register new voters and to recruit new volunteers
In Manassass, supporters will be registering new voters throughout Prince William County
In Petersburg, volunteers will be meeting at the public library before heading out to register voters
And in Richmond, Kristen is organizing a series of voter registration events as part of an ambitious, ongoing effort to register 4,000 new voters, with staging locations at:

Chimborazo Park
Broad Rock Sports Complex
Battery Park Pool
Randolf Pool
There are dozens of grassroots events like these taking place across the country this weekend, and there will be many more in the weeks and months to come. You can search for an event in your own community, or sign up and create your own.

As the attention begins to turn towards the general election, there is no better way to make an impact than by registering new voters and bringing more people into this movement. No matter where you are this weekend, you can connect with people in your own community and continue the work of building a true grassroots political machine, one new voter at a time.

If you know of anyone planning to protest at the RBC meeting, please circulate this diary to them, and tell them that the Obama campaign would rather not have them protest, and that they want them to participate in Obama supporter events that day such as voter registration, canvassing, and phonebanking.

  1. Voter registration drives. You can contact Jason with the Maryland For Obama campaign at jason at marylandforobama dot com to find out what events are being held for the voter registration drives in Maryland. He also may have information about voter registration drives in Virginia, as that's a swing state that we might win in November.
  1. Phone bank so we can work on reaching more people who may be receptive to the message of change from Barack Obama, and find out which supporters are likely to vote or not in November. Every voter matters.
  1. Check your Barack Obama event page for events available in your community.
  1. For more information about voter registration efforts in Northern Virginia, please contact Chrisi, who helps run the Northern Virginia effort for Barack Obama, at chrisimwest at gmail dot com.

Please e-mail this diary to anyone you know who wants to attend, share it on Facebook, Craigslist, Friendster, and other sites. The Clinton campaign wants a public relations disaster--they want images of angry Obama supporters yelling at Clinton supporters. Let's not give these people the satisfaction they want.

And the rest below is for those attending the RBC meeting. The registration begins at 8:00 a.m. for those who have pre-registered and ends at 9:30 a.m. There'll likely be a long line at 8 a.m., so the earlier you arrive, the better. The name of the hotel is Marriott-Wardman, and it's located on the Red Line at the Adams Morgan-Woodley Park Zoo Metro stop.

Marriott-Wardman Hotel
2660 Woodley Rd NW
Washington, DC 20008

And the map for the hotel is here so please click on this link for directions.

You must have your ID with you to pick up the credentials, and that's usually a driver's license. The meeting room is in Salon I, which I think is the bottom floor of the hotel. The Democratic National Committee is working on getting wireless access, so bring your laptops just in case they do get it set up.

When you arrive for the meeting, you'll likely see hundreds of angry Clinton, Huckabee, and yes, McCain protesters outside the hotel entrance.

You must ignore these supporters.

  1. Do not engage the Clinton/Huckabee/McCain supporters, and if you do, you'll be giving what Hillary Clinton wants---a public relations disaster. So let's not give her the satisfaction.
  1. Do not engage in conversation with these fake protesters. Ignore them.
  1. Be polite, be nice, and most of all, show why Barack Obama has the better campaign supporters.

And here is the list of talking points below in case any of you get interviewed by the media.

On Hillary Clinton's Campaign

  1. Praise her for running such a historic campaign, and say that she's set an incredible precedent for women in politics. And that's the truth.
  1. If asked what you think about the protesters outside, say you admire their commitment to their candidate, Hillary Clinton, but you think they are misguided by the Clinton campaign and by their state party leaders.
  1. If asked what you think about Hillary Clinton continuing her campaign to the convention, mention that you think she should stay in until the last primary and then drop out. Talk about how each time the losing candidate has taken it to the convention floor, the nominee has lost the general election, and how we can't afford that this election year. Mention that if Clinton takes it to the convention floor, that it shows she doesn't care about whether we win or lose the general election because of past precedent.

The Protest Outside The Hotel

  1. Tell the truth about the Florida and Michigan debacle. Talk about how it's the fault of the state parties for breaking the primary rules by moving up their election dates.
  1. The Florida party delegation isn't being honest with their protesters. They were the ones who helped the Republicans move up the primary date in the state legislature. Talk about how there's a video of Representative Geller laughing as he voted for the amendment to move up the primary date.
  1. Talk about how Michigan has tried to do the same thing each presidential election. Talk about how in 2000, Bradley and Gore had to remove their names off the ballot because the Michigan Democratic Party moved up their primary date against the rules of the party, and that's what Barack Obama did this year.
  1. Talk about how Barack Obama followed the rules, and why that's an admirable quality in such a presidential candidate. Mention that Hillary Clinton signed a pledge not to participate or campaign in Michigan and Florida, and that Obama, Edwards, Biden, and Dodd did the same thing.

The Popular Vote Metric

  1. Talk about how the popular vote metric that Clinton is using doesn't exist because it excludes the four caucus states and the Uncommitted votes for Barack Obama. Mention that you find it funny that she talks about wanting to include all votes when she doesn't include the votes from the caucus states that Barack Obama won.
  1. With all the caucus states and the Uncommitted vote in Michigan figured in, Barack Obama has the final popular vote lead.
  1. Mention, "The popular vote doesn't exist because if it did, there would be no caucus states."
  1. Also say the Democratic National Committee doesn't determine the nominee based upon the popular vote, but upon the number of delegates earned.
  1. Talk about how you hope Clinton supporters will join onboard because you know they're very hard-working and care a great deal about this country, and how four years of McCain would be horrible for the country because it would be four more years of George W. Bush's policies.

And one final bit, do not call Hillary Clinton or any of her supporters sexist epithets. If you think there's anything else more to add to the talking points, let me know.

Any further questions, please e-mail me at pleasehelpfreebarneythedog at gmail dot com. Let's do our candidate proud by being classy!

EDIT: As to the question of 'agent provaceuters' or Obama supporters not aware about the campaign's edict not to protest, there are Obama volunteers ready for that purpose, or so what I've heard.

Originally posted to slinkerwink on Fri May 30, 2008 at 05:59 AM PDT.

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