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When Hillary concedes and endorses Obama for President what will the ABBGs* do? An opinion and commentary.

* ABBG = Anyone But a Black Guy.

A New York Times article reports that

(Hillary) associates said the most likely outcome was that she would end her bid with a speech, probably back home in New York, in which she would endorse Mr. Obama.

This has gained more credence almost hourly that Hillary will indeed finally concede and perhaps endorse Obama in the coming days.

So when (if) this happens what will the ABBGs do? By ABBG I mean those fanatics whose voting strategy can be classified as "Anyone But a Black Guy." Now note that I am NOT, repeat NOT suggesting that all supporters of Hillary are ABBGs. And since some will insist on misinterpreting me - again I am NOT, repeat NOT suggesting that all or even most or even a large number of supporters of Hillary are ABBGs! In fact, I sincerely believe that the vast majority of Hillary supporters are real, sincere advocates for their candidate with absolutely no hatred racial or otherwise for Obama.

By ABBGs I mean those people who "support" Hillary mostly if not only because they hate Obama because he is half-black. Numerous exit polls have found that between 10-20 percent of voters in Democratic primaries said race was one of the most important factors in their vote, and overwhelmingly those people voted for Hillary, i.e. - against Obama. Think I am exaggerating about the hatred?  Read this account of what the ABBG Hillary "supporters" actually are like.

The reality that we Democrats must face is that there are a small but very vocal group of people who will actively oppose Senator Barack Obama simply because he is half-black. Yes, it is racism; let's be honest about that. How many of these people are out there is nearly impossible to say but they are out there. The ABBGs have voted for Hillary only out of their hatred for the "black candidate." They are not real Hillary supporters. They are probably not real Democrats either. These ABBGs will not accept any olive branch offered to them. They will not accept any appeals for party unity. Their prejudice is too strong for that. We Democrats have to acknowledge this reality.

So two questions: what will the ABBGs do when/if Hillary endorses Obama and how will Hillary's real supporters distance themselves from the ABBGs?

On the first question, the "support" for Hillary from the ABBGs is false. Their votes were against Obama not for Hillary. Their passion for Hillary is born of racial prejudice alone. When Hillary ceases her campaign and throws her resources behind Obama, the ABBGs lose their focal point for their anti-Obama vitriol. What will people like the idiot behind or the people like the fanatical protesters at the RBC meeting last Saturday do when the pretense of being pro-Hillary is taken away from them? Will they just crawl back under the rocks they came from or will they resurface as McCain "supporters" to continue their sleazy attacks on Obama?

On the second question, the sincere Hillary supporters have for far too long refused to denounce and reject the racist attacks on Obama. No doubt that even though they do not share the racism directed against Obama, they saw the strategic advantage for their candidate in the doubts these attacks sowed about Obama.  The ABBGs probably will just shift their attacks to another focal point, supporting McCain or otherwise. The sincere Hillary supporters, once their candidate has conceded and endorsed Obama, must step forward and denounce and reject the racist attacks on Obama and especially those done in conjunction with appeals to vote for Hillary. To refuse to do so harms the Democratic Party at all levels. Will Hillary supporters rally behind Obama when (not if) the racist attacks against him come during the general election? Or will they continue to silently condone the attacks? Time will tell.

P.S. - The supposed "anti-man" vote

I anticipate the objection that some Hillary supporters will never support Obama, not because of his race but because of his gender. These would be women who passionately want a woman president and thus backed Hillary and will remain angry at Obama for blocking Hillary form the presidency. I acknowledge that is a possibility but I think that though these women may exist I think their numbers pale in comparison to the ABBGs. I also think that any such women will certainly not vote for McCain over Obama as certainly that is not a preferable option. I doubt there will be any noticeable "anti-man" movement against Obama. The hatred for Obama is about his race, not his gender.

P.P.S. - I disclose that I am a white male Obama supporter.

Originally posted to DJ ProFusion on Tue Jun 03, 2008 at 09:18 AM PDT.

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