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I just received an email (as most of you probably did!) from Steve Hildebrand, deputy campaign manager for Obama, as follows:

Today, I am proud to announce that our presidential campaign will be the first in a generation to deploy and maintain staff in every single state.

The network of volunteers and the infrastructure built up during the historic primary season -- on behalf of all the Democratic campaigns -- have given us an enormous and unprecedented opportunity in the general election.

We need to register new voters and bring people back into the political process. We need to reach out to Independents and Republicans who know that our country cannot afford another four years of George W. Bush's disastrous policies.

More about what this means on the flip.

This is the 50-state Strategy come to fruition. Our nominee isn't going to cede a single state or electoral vote to McCain. We've long wanted to re-draw the map for the Democratic Party, and here's our chance.

Whether we're in North Dakota or New Jersey, Washington or West Virginia, Obama is going to campaign in our states and ask for everyone's vote.

We're so excited here in Texas. Obama only trails McCain by 5% right now, five months out from the election. His ace staff can help us organize and flip the voters necessary--and register new ones--to make a serious go at turning Texas blue.

But here's where you come in.

It costs money to pay those staffers, keep those offices open, and make stickers, lawn signs, bumper stickers, etc. It costs money to hold 75,000-person rallies and intimate town hall meetings.

Let's help Obama field campaign staff in every state by DONATING NOW. Best of all, these are Matching Donations -- double your impact!

Obama staffers made a huge effort here in Texas, and helped Obama win our state by organizing the precinct, county, and state conventions. Best of all, their efforts will pay dividends for down-ballot candidates, not to mention ensure the future of our party for generations.

Donate Now!  

Photo Update:

Thought I'd liven this up with a photo. Here's a picture of one of the Obama staffers here in Texas who helped prepare us for the county convention. He came to a potluck we had in my precinct, to help train all 68 county delegates for the convention.

This is what your donations do -- they put trained Obama staffers in the community, talking to regular folks, training them to take our states and our country back.

Let's do our part by donating so that they can do theirs!

Originally posted to kath25 on Mon Jun 09, 2008 at 10:33 AM PDT.

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