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Continuing to blaze a trail as an enemy of democracy and prove how important it is to stand up to bad judicial nominations, the conservative-controlled Supreme Court issued a striking blow once again to Vice President Al Gore.


Mere moments after formally announcing his backing for Democratic Presidential nominee Barack Obama in an email to supporters, former Vice President Al Gore’s endorsement was blocked and reversed by a 5-4 Supreme Court decision, handing the Nobel Prize winner’s full throated support to Republican nominee John McCain.

Once again, it's Scalia leading the charge against any semblance of true democracy, let alone sanity.

"It is plainly obvious, by reading Section One, Clause Four of Article Two, that the framers, Jefferson, Madison and Hamilton, were firm in their resolve, that in the 2008 Presidential election, 219 years after ratification, former Vice President Gore, who the constitution also stipulated must lose the 2000 Presidential election regardless of the voters’ wishes, would be required to hand his endorsement and considerable public influence to John McCain, who was himself one of the original framers of Constitution," Scalia wrote.

Don't want to violate fair use, but there's much more, including legal debate and Gore's reaction, in the story link: Supreme Court Reverses Gore Endorsement, Awards it to McCain

Originally posted to CuseDem on Tue Jun 17, 2008 at 02:49 PM PDT.

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