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This is emotional, so give me a little break.

I've written about Katrina here. I've bitched about the lack of coverage. Heck I've yelled about it. Now where I live is literally drowning. I don't mean from a "kind of you know like it is wet," I mean literally!

Time and time again here we talk 24/7 about who will be Obama's VP. What does McCain's medical records show? Did Hillary blow her nose on a napkin with a US flag on it (I made that one up).

I will with this first picture and an few more below (all Cedar Rapids, Iowa), hopefully let you know some bad stuff is ongoing and we could use some attention.







I hear people say we wouldn't let this happen again, we just did! Most likely my parents home town, their leeves will be breached tomorrow .....

Originally posted to webranding on Mon Jun 23, 2008 at 07:07 PM PDT.

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