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I confess, I've been flabbergasted by the success that John McCain's had pushing the "Obama is presumptuous" meme. Does anyone in the press have a short-term memory? McCain was on the air with this ad two bleedin' months ago.

Seriously - can you imagine the shitstorm that would rain if Obama ran an ad with the exact same text? Or an ad that portrayed America after four years of a "President Obama"?

Maybe the lack of traction McCain got with this ad inspired the current offensive against Obama. But I doubt it. I'd bet the "arrogance" swipe is just another shot in the dark, like the "flip flop" meme of early July. At some point you've got to stop assuming that a candidate's got Machavellian instincts and focus-grouped killer ads and assume that he's just flinging shit at the wall.

Nonetheless, it says something that McCain didn't get a single charge of "presumption" or "arrogance" when he predicted he'd be finishing his first term in 2013, while I spent all Monday hearing anchors prattle about how Obama is an ego monster because he said he had good odds of winning.

Originally posted to daveweigel on Wed Jul 30, 2008 at 09:11 PM PDT.


The "arrogance" meme

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