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Over the past few weeks, John McCain's chief surrogate Sean Handy Hannity has been relentlessly, unfairly, and untruthfully attacking Barack Obama daily and has extended his smears to Michelle.  Yet John McCain continues to embrace this wingnut who caters to vile bigots like Ann Coulter, Jesse Lee Peterson, and Jerome Corsi.

Last week, in Berea, Ohio, Obama called Hannity out and suggested that a 68 year old man named Mr. Burgess would tear him up in a debate.  So Hannity put the man on his show for 15 minutes and Mr. Burgess, nice as he was, was unprepared for the litany of smears.

Hannity demands that Obama debate him for 3 hours.  By bringing up Hannity, Obama either astutely realizes the DFQ theory that making Hannity the face of conservatism leads to permanent Democratic majorities or Obama made a tactical error by suggesting that someone else debate Hannity.

Regardless, Hannity does not get this talking point.

It's real simple.  There's an ace in the hole -- It's called what happened to me last NovemberAND what happened to Hannity in New Hampshire with Ron Paul supporters earlier this year.

Either he debates me for 90 minutes (half the time he demands) or he has no right to request Obama.

If Hannity says others are afraid of debating him, you point out that Hannity tried to have some blogger from Queens falsely arrested because Hannity was afraid that I was going to ask him a tough question.  It's the equivalent of a "macaca" moment.  Use it against him.

If Hannity says others are afraid of debating him, you point out that he ran down the streets of Manchester because he didn't want to answer questions from a few Ron Paul supporters.  The video is great, Hannity looks like the chicken and coward we all know he is.

These are the reasons why people like me put their ass on the line for others (often while putting my physical safety at great risk) even while a small fringe of 1-2% unappreciative concern trolls are more concerned about the tactics of their allies than the deeds of their enemies.  I go to these events to gather information, report on what happens, bring to light pertinent information, or create news by asking the right question which I predict will lead to a newsworthy response.  If I succeed (and I don't always succeed) then I am providing others with talking points for narratives down the road.

Regarding Hanndy Hannity, he does NOT get the right to call any Democrat afraid to debate him when he chickens out from people like me.  (As for charges of "Why should he debate me," the answer is simple.  Hannity routinely, and did so multiple times last week, singled out this website by referring to us as the "Daily Kooks."  And since I post more about him than anyone at this site, the attacks usually have me in mind.  So if he is going to call out this mainstream, progressive, centrist website, let's see if he can back it up.)

If Hannity truly is not afraid of a fair debate, then he can get on his show later today at 5:08 p.m. and accept my offer.  Otherwise, he has no right to complain about Senator Obama or any other Democrat.  Hannity is offering air time to Obama and I'll make an offer.  He debates me for 90 minutes with open mikes the entire time with each person speaking a minimum of 45% of the time, then I'll give him up to 1500 words unedited to write one diary here at DK which I will post as his under my name in which he can make his case for McCain and/or case against Obama.

Maybe Hannity will accept but given that I've crushed him twice already (Zell Miller's appearance and Ann Coulter's appearance) and he made a buffoon out of himself the third time (last November), I doubt it. I'm sure he doesn't want others knowing about his scam concerts, his link to Hal Turner, his constant propping up of Boombox Coulter, his numerous racist and neo nazi associations, and his intellectual vacuity exposed for all to see.

But I will sweeten the pot.  Let's get an audience of undecided voters to hear and watch the debate between me and the Insanitized bullyboy. (I'm willing to break it up 45 mins on radio, 45 on TV) If the majority of independent people think he's won, then I will donate 10 free dinners to be given to Hannity's listeners at the certain steakhouse in NY of Hannity's choice.  

10 possible free dinners, a minimum of 90 minutes of open mikes, mainstream Daily Kos v. the Fox News/talk radio Kook.  Who's the chicken?

Originally posted to davefromqueens on Wed Aug 13, 2008 at 04:32 AM PDT.

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