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This Country is in so much trouble.

A friend of mine was at this event and sent me the email.

Et tu, Nancy Pelosi?  Ironically, even the SPEAKER of the House of Representatives doesn't value the First Amendment enough to defend it.  That pesky little right has become fashionably disposable; too déclassé, I guess.  Something for the riffraff to worry about.  

There I was with my little troop of intrepid CodePinkers, right smack in front of HRH Nancy Pelosi, as she waxed all chirpy and nostalgic about her rise from housewife to the Hill.  Among those of us in the American Jewish University auditorium who naively hoped for a substantive question and answer period, the frustration level was becoming palpable over the inane questions being asked by her host.  Finally, one attendee, exhibiting a level of frustration that understandably could come from too much time watching the third most powerful person in the country continue to ignore her Constitutional duty, screamed out a question about her excuse for refusing to do her Constitutional duty.  That would be, in the face of an absolute treasure trove of impeachable offenses by the first and second most powerful people in the country, she took impeachment off the table and put it someplace where only Dennis Kucinich has been able to find it.  The attendee was hauled off and arrested.  The incident took place in America.  In front of a leader of the Democratic Party.  The party that supposedly cares about the Constitution.

We CodePinkers wanted to help Nancy out. It seems pretty clear she didn't read all the way to Article VI in the Constitution, the oath to uphold the Constitution part.  She might have seen that House of Representatives Article and figured that's all she had to read.  As no one was allowed to bring signs into the auditorium, we improvised, very creatively and quietly.  With black magic markers we wrote pithy messages on the back side of Pelosi's Know Your Power, A Message to America's Daughters, book jacket and inside covers and held them up in her line of vision.  Assuming with all that blinking she does she even has a line of vision.  Or vision, for that matter.  Her book title would suggest that she knows something about power.  Apparently not the something that benefits our country, like using Impeachment for its intended purpose instead of inoculating all future Presidents from being held accountable for their crimes.  

Government goons immediately came over and tried to make us put our "Due you duty" makeshift signs down.  Ignoring them worked for the time being.  They backed off until the most intrepid of us all, Jodie Evans, that bottomless pit of courage, took over--very earnestly and politely--where Arrested Guy left off.  She stood up and reminded HRH Pelosi that she had said she would consider impeachment if she were presented with proof of wrong doing by the Despicable Duo.  My words, not hers.  All Jodie wanted to do was to hand her a PILE of proof.  A little truth to power--just what the First Amendment was designed to facilitate. Right?  

Not one but two oversized brutes plowed into our small feat given the fact that we were sitting dead center and they had to have flattened at least 30 pairs of feet on their way in from both ends to nab that dangerous and seditious Jodie Evans.  A lot of good it did me to keep reminding the one standing on my feet that the First Amendment protects her right to challenge power.  I think he was deaf.  Or on orders to forgettabowdit, the First Amendment that is.  Off she went, being dragged by two thugs whose salaries are being paid by you and me  to squelch our Constitutional rights.  HRH Pelosi sat back and smiled sweetly.  

This country is in so much trouble.  

Originally posted to Starrpower on Fri Aug 15, 2008 at 08:39 AM PDT.

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