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Right wing extremist and Fox News Kook Sean Hannity has made it clear that he is planning to harass DNC delegates and have staff videotape delegates looking for outrageous comments (perhaps from his paid staffers).  But we're not going to let him get away with harassing delegates who are there for a convention, not Sean Hannity's bullyboy tactics.

Two attendees to the DNC Convention, both with access to the convention floor WILL be watching and monitoring every move Hannity makes on the convention floor with active cameras.  The only exception will be during bathroom breaks.  We need more people to rotate shifts to watch John McCain's chief surrogate and Jerome Corsi promoter Sean Hannity.  We want the cameras on every member of his so called security as well at all times.  IF you have video of Hannity or his security thugs harassing delegates, forward your videos or photos to us.

The Stop Hannity Express (I'm the unofficial cofounder) has precise rules that we ask all DNC delegates follow regarding Hannity and his thugs.  

  1.  EVERY move Hannity makes on the convention floor or in places delegates interact WILL be watched and monitored with video by the Stop Hannity Express.  The only exception will be bathroom breaks.
  1.  Do NOT call him any names.  PLEASE, this is very important.  We are going to try to get someone to address the delegates from the podium on Monday ala Robert Greenwald style to plead with the delegates to be on the lookout for Fox News personalities looking to cause trouble and urge all of you NOT to call them any names or engage in their abusive tactics.
  1.  If ANY of his thugs masquerading as security guards puts so much as a finger on ANY delegate without permission, this is called an assault and/or battery.  The cameras WILL be recording his security entourage.  That delegate will NOT respond physically.  Rather, it will be asked that the person be arrested IMMEDIATELY on the spot on an assault charge and if that delegate is you, you will receive help in filling out the charges.  If they did this as a group or Hannity was with them, they all get kicked out.  
  1.  If Hannity is involved in any physical contact with ANY delegate OR starts acting in an abusive way to ANY delegate, said abuse being recorded by the cameras, the delegate is to call over security, get an official from the DNC over to the spot immediately, and demand that Hannity be asked to leave.  Let the news story be that Sean Hannity got kicked out of the DNC Convention for harassing delegates or assaulting delegates.
  1.  If Hannity enters your delegate area, have an active cell phone camera or camcorder start videotaping him and his thuggish entourage.  Again do NOT call him a single name and do not answer any of his questions.  (That's to be left for others.)  Instead, ask him politely to leave your area b/c he is bothering you (If he doesn't, get security and ask them to throw him out) or just give him the silent treatment.
  1.  The key to this is for people to keep their cool collectively.  Hannity has said on his radio show that he is going to start bothering the delegates so that he can videotape them calling him all sorts of names, including "Nazi."  Again, do NOT call him ANY names.
  1.  Hannity is an abusive man whose wife is so afraid of Sean that when she had a minor fender bender, she was too afraid to tell Sean directly that she called Howard Stern when Stern was interviewing Hannity years ago and Stern told Hannity about the car accident and told Sean that "Dude your marriage has problems" while basically protecting Jill Hannity from verbal abuse.  IF this plan is followed, Hannity WILL FLIP OUT at some point and be asked to leave the Convention Center by actual security. (and if he fails to do so, he goes out in handcuffs for trespassing.)  Convention security with authority (not Hannity's thugs) WILL BE on the lookout for harassing behavior by Hannity. If he does the things he is threatening to do, he's going to get kicked out and have his media credentials taken from him.

Sidenote:  The Hannity Chickenwatch continues as bullyboy bashes this site but won't debate the person he's most often bashing in a fair forum of 90 mins with open mikes.  Of course I'll check in at 5:08 (EST) to see if things have changed. Besides, I have no right to demand Mccain debate me and he has no right to demand Obama debate him.

Originally posted to davefromqueens on Mon Aug 18, 2008 at 04:17 AM PDT.

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