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When San Francisco blogger Sasha McGee noticed that Gavin Newsom was being feted by PG&E and AT&T at the Denver convention, it wasn't much of a surprise to see a DLC candidate running for governor of the largest state. What was a surprise, was that Moveon was also listed as a sponsor.Moveon is Not Greenwashing Gavin Newsom's Corporate Party

But fear not, Moveon hasn't sold out, their logo showing up was a mistake.

In addition to the somewhat unseemly relationship between Newsom and PG&E, it seemed strange that MoveOn would cosponsor an event with one of the big drivers behind the move to preemptively absolve the nation’s biggest telecommunications companies of any consequences from their spying on Americans. MoveOn was a strong champion of the idea that these companies broke the law, and should suffer the consequences. That much of AT&T’s involvement took place in San Francisco only added particular irony to the situation.

Well, MoveOn now calls their being listed as a sponsor "a mistake" (they’re apparently sponsoring an event at the same time), and swears they’re going to get their name taken off the publicity for the event.

Indeed. And there is a huge gulf between the people-powered progressive side of the Democratic Party and the corporate-powered, DLC side represented by Gavin Newsom. For instance, compare how Moveon and Gavin Newsom responded to Al Gore's push to go to 100% clean energy. Moveon issued a challenge to sign on that they would deliver, "to elected leaders and candidates across the country." Gavin Newsom apparently didn't get the memo as he opposes San Francisco turning on 100% clean energy:

When I approached Newsom at Netroots Nation after he gave a well-received speech on climate change, I asked him if he supported the Clean Energy Act. His initial response was "yes," but he added that he didn’t think it was all that substantive. Eric Jaye was standing next to us at the time – and as I started to walk away, Jaye said something to Newsom. The Mayor then called out to me and asked, "did you mean the one about PG&E?" I said "yes," and he then said: "oh, it’s horrible. I don’t support it." Newsom wouldn’t explain why, and denied that Jaye working for PG&E had anything to do with his position.

And moveon plays well with other, while just last week Gavin Newsom's taxpayer funded press secretary used the term, "lunatic fringe" to refer to the Democratic Party. Moveon works in solidarity with progressive blogs, while Gavin Newsom crossed the local netroots picket line and hired former Lieberman-consultant Garry South, whose idea of listening to online feedback can best be summed up in his own words (directed at calitics publisher Brian Leubitz:

Here's my final word: When you have actually run and won a campaign electing a Democrat to any office at any level, instead of just sitting at your computer composing bile and bilge and hitting "send," come back and talk to me.  Until then, you can kiss my . . . baby.

If Gavin Newsom wants to publicize AT&T and PG&E buying his ass, that is his decision. But he can't hide behind moveon. And to have two of the worst corporations pay for him to have a party during the speech of the VP nominee is selfishly uncool. As for moveon, always cool. Please spread the word so people don't get the impression moveon has any association with the awful corporations trying to elect Newsom governor.

Originally posted to blogswarm on Fri Aug 22, 2008 at 09:40 AM PDT.

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  •  glad this is clarified (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    Would hate to see moveon's good name sullied by association with this.

  •  Hating Newsom for the wrong reasons (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    This too much inside baseball for the average Kossack, IMO.  I am not a huge fan of PG&E, but there is a ballot initiative in San Francisco now that would have the city take over the power system. Sorry, but San Francisco's govt. should not take on any more infrastructure management responsibility than it already has, IMO, and I am not generally a fan of privatization of infrastructure even.

    My problem with Newsom is not his politics on this issue.  He's generally been more liberal than the label DLCer would suggest.

    My problem is he's just such a glam-focused incompetent.  He's all talk and no action.  In this respect, he's actually like McCain.  But in no other.  His politics -- at least those that he gives lip service to -- are good.

    I do recognize, though, that he's something of a blank slate on which his consultant Eric Jaye writes.  And if you wonder where Newsom got the gay marriage idea, I suspect you'd need look no further than EJ.

  •  Bit misleading... (0+ / 0-)

    The quote "lunatic fringe issues" referred not to the Democratic Party as a whole, but to the SF Democratic Central Committee voting to support the legalization of prostitution.

    While Newsom's politics are moderate for San Francisco, he is to the left (on many positions) of Obama and the national Democratic Party. Newsom supports same sex marriage, government-provided health care for all uninsured, sanctuary status for undocumented immigrants (getting flack after one undocumented felon, who had been protected by the city, killed a family), cannabis for the sick, living wage legislation, etc.  Many of these ideas came from the city's progressive Democrats and Greens, but have been enacted with Newsom's support.

  •  Defending Newsom (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    bernalman, blogswarm

    As a healthcare activist...and planner of my upcoming big fat gavin-assisted gay wedding...I have to let the folks out there know that Gavin is a great leader on healthcare issues.  Frankly he's a rock star on single-payer, most recently encouraging the US Conference of Mayors to endorse John Conyers HR 676 National Health Insurance bill.  We need more people who walk their healthcare reform talk.

    Join the California Nurses Association and National Nurses Organizing Committee at

    by California Nurses Shum on Fri Aug 22, 2008 at 10:19:37 AM PDT

    •  Gavin has a couple of issues on which he's good (0+ / 0-)

      but CNS, he's been awful for housing and labor issues here.  We've battled him for a long time.

      NetrootNews coming soon!

      by ksh01 on Fri Aug 22, 2008 at 10:59:04 AM PDT

      [ Parent ]

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