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This ad I think it pretty effective. I wouldn't call it brilliant, but it is decidedly negative.  The sound and song are circa Sam Cooke, something that may connect well with an older crowd; a Knife twist with a smile, and the imagery is simply sharp and striking.  They have the hug on for a full 5 seconds.

One and One is Two is also equally hillarious

"Don't Know Much"

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I'm not up on the economy
Don't know much about industry
Really can't explain the price of gas
Or what's happened to the middle class

But I know One and One is Two
And if I could be just like you
What a wonderful world this would be

Do we really want four more years of the same old tune?

PS: If Anyone is concerned about the CNN Poll that they're pimping today, read Nate @

There is a little bit of sleight-of-hand here. The analysis begins by comparing Obama's performance in this new poll to CNN's next-most-recent one, which had been conducted in late July. However, CNN then switches to discussing a different poll, one which was conducted in late June, and pulls several pieces of information about the preferences of Hillary Clinton supporters from that June version of its survey.

The other possibility, of course, is that CNN did identify Clinton supporters in its July poll, but chose not to cite those results because they didn't fit with its storyline. The number of Clinton-supporting Democrats will be fairly small in any given survey (probably about one-sixth of the total sample), and results from that subgroup will therefore shift around a lot, with or without reason.

Keep in mind, in a poll of the larger voting universe, Hillary supporters are 50% at best of the Democratic population - 35%, and further, of the active Democratic Population, probably closer to 16% (110M Voters in 2004; 18M for Hillary).  They're looking at a sample of literally 15-18% of the poll, and from that, extrapolating in ways that do not hold up statistically.  The MOE on a sample this small is 10%...  CNN is garbage.  

Join me today in Boycotting CNN for Convention Coverage!

Originally posted to kubla000 on Mon Aug 25, 2008 at 06:39 AM PDT.


Will you Boycott CNN with me?

56%2053 votes
31%1166 votes
5%204 votes
6%235 votes

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