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I am going to make this short and sweet.  

We can no longer play patsy cake with the media we have.  If we do, we are doomed.

I want to challenge the general wisdom out there perpetuated by the media who would be the better Commander in Chief (CIC).

John McCain never once questioned whether George W. Bush was fit to be Commander in Chief.  He had no problems before Bush took office, during the first 4 years, and even today without minor differences.  He had no problems with the CIC who will go down in history as posibly the worst CIC in history.  I have an issue with this.

We were attacked on Bush's watch by terrorists while he was on vacation, only a few weeks after he got the memo saying they were determined to attack.

He started a war in Aftganistan.  I didn't have an issue with kicking the shit out of the Taliban thugs and going after AQ. The execution of the war was not great (Tora Tora anyone). But before we could complete the job, Georgte W. Bush, with the blessing of John McCain and his ilk, started a march to war with Iraq.  No evidence existed that they were a threat, we had inspectors looking for WMD's, but people like George W. Bush and John McCain pursued war for political gain.  It wasn't about anything else, not WMD, not Oil (well, maybe for some oil buddies to make some money), not Saddam, not nothing else other than making Republicans look strong and Democrats weak. I wonder if John McCain ever read the Authorition for Military ? like so many others did not.

For years we have been fighting that war, and people like John McCain were happy with the way George W. Bush acted as Commander in Chief.  There are several quotes and videos of John McCain stating this fact.  There are several quotes from John McCain saying the war would be over very quickly.

Only after the midterm elections of 2006 did John McCain claim that we needed a change in strategy.  For three years he let George W. Bush bungle the job of Commander in Chief while kids died, while millions of Iraqi's lost everything, while billions across the globe looked at the United States in shame, and as our Federal Deficit grew faster and larger than ever before.  

John McCain is a lying sack of crap.  

Who would you want in charge of the largest and most deadly military force in the world?  John McCain, with a bad temper, bad memory, and blustering personality with little room to compromise or negotiate. Or would you prefer to have Barack Obama.  Barack is as calm as a cucumber, surrounds himself with people who stay focused and believe in negotiation, and was right from day one in this adventure in Iraq.

Don't be afraid to say it people.  John McCain has showed zero leadership qualities and is unfit to be Commander in Chief.  

So as John McCain's surrogates harp on how unprepared Barack Obama is to be Commander in Chief, we need to remind them that John McCain was wrong from day one on Iraq.  They know that they have been wrong, but they sense a weakness in the media to call them on their bluffs, so they are going after this particular theme.  We need to fight back.

Originally posted to egarratt on Wed Aug 27, 2008 at 11:45 AM PDT.

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