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If there ever was an ad John McCain would not want to be played nationally, it is this one. This ad provides the strongest link that McCain is responsible for the economic crises. It ends on a powerful note that leaves its viewers nothing but contempt for McCain. Watch it. You will not be disappointed.

John McCain admits Washington is broken
And he is the one who broke it (Shows picture of McCain and Rove sitting together on a couch laughing)
McCain: "On the most important issues of the day I have been in total agreement with George Bush"
He has been a Washington Insider for decades, working for big corporations
John McCain: "There have been times when I have probably been influenced,... the big donors buy access to my office... you know that access is influence"
With a Presidential campaign run by lobbyist
Your campaign is run by two of the biggest lobbyist in Washington
John McCain: "Lobbyist are good people"
And on top of it all, who can you thank for 8 years of George Bush?
John McCain: "I campaigned everywhere in America for him. I campaigned with him. I did everything I could to get him elected, and re-elected President."
Thank John McCain
In times like these can you really afford more insider politics?
Can your family really trust John McCain?

Created by a concerned citizen.

The ad provides the best organization of facts and details that I have seen thus far. The ad lays out a powerful and compelling story and ends by asking a question. By asking the listeners to think about what they have just seen, it almost compels them to conclude no McCain in their subconsciousness. What I also liked was the fact that it used repeatedly direct quotes from McCain so one knows that this is in fact the truth spoken straight from the horses mouth.  


Thank you for recommending this diary. And a special thanks to marabout40

for the DIGG link.

Update 2

Per the comments:  

Here are two organizations that you can e-mail and/or contribute in order to request that they air this ad.

Democracy for America
(Originally founded by Howard Dean)
Democracy for America | PO Box 1717 | Burlington, VT 05402
Phone: 802-651-3200 | Fax: 802-651-3299

BraveNew Films
(Click Link "Submit Video" at the bottom)
10510 Culver Blvd / Culver City, CA 90232 / 310-204-0448 /

Update 3

Per TruthandHope

I have had a couple emails today with the author.  He didn't expect the reaction he's had & is taking it all in.  His hope was for a viral video & it is!  I've told him it would only a need minor edit & disclaimer ad to have the right structure, then we could assist with creating a broadcast ready version.  He's thinking on it.  I suspect it's all quite overwhelming.  I told him just let me know if it's a go & I can post that we're taking funds for the ad & it will be just a few days to get a broadcast ready version up.  I hope to do that, but am waiting to hear the verdict.

We have a radio spot I was going to post today attacking the McCain/Palin ticket on their extreme views re: women's issues, but have held off seeing if this would come together.  I also have a television ad dealing with Palin/Rape Kit truth's which will be done tomorrow it is projected & we'll add the final voice over on Monday, so a lot of great things coming that should be very exciting & what we've all wanted to see.  Hopefully I can announce a lot soon!

Originally posted to sweetliberty on Sat Sep 20, 2008 at 06:22 AM PDT.

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