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There is a new Republican Talking Point (TP) out there, and it has been noted in other diaries. The meme is that "lazy minorities" created this economic mess. Some Rethugs are taking it a step further and saying that, you got it, community organizers are the problem by encouraging the poor (i,e, minorities) to take bad loans. My point is this: In their reckless abandon to throw off any kind of responsibility on their behalf, they have handed us a new meme that we can use to pin them to the wall. Here is how we do it:

"They're saying YOU caused this mess! The middle class! Not the de-regulators in Congress or the Bush Administration who has been in charge for the last eight years. Not Wall Street Fat Cats. You're the problem! Talk about out of touch!"


Here's Michelle Malkin , among others at National Review, helping the TP find its legs:

Where does the candidate of Hope and Change — the candidate of Reform and New Politics — stand on the issue? Barack Obama, ACORN’s senator, is for more of the same old, same old subsidizing of far-left politics in the name of fighting for the poor while enriching ideological cronies. That’s the Chicago way.

Here the acronym ACORN rears its head. According to Wikipedia, ACORN stands for Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now. The organization has around 350,000 members, and is dedicated to community issues, especially fighting against predatory lending and advocating for low-income people regarding housing issues.

Where Obama comes into play is that, in 1992, he directed a voter registration drive by ACORN's sister organiztion, Project Vote, and successfully added over 150,000 African-Americans to the voter registration rolls.

ACORN and Project Vote are huge organizations. And they represent everything right-wingers hate, including wage reform, accessible education, bank regulation, gun control, and registering minorities to vote.

How Maulkin & Co. are playing this against Obama is by trying to make ACORN and Project Vote look like a voter fraud organization. All in all, since 2004, fifteen individual members of ACORN have been either indicted by grand jury or found guilty of voter fraud, and all claims against Project Vote have been dismissed.

Obviously any form of voter fraud is unacceptable, but Obama has never been personally linked to any of this, though the right is attempting to do so through insinuation. It all becomes a bunch of GOP gobbledy-goo. Obama was once a leader in Project Vote, which is a sister organization to ACORN, and since 0.00004% of ACORN's membership has done unethical things, then obviously we have a big problem here. And perhaps Kevin Bacon will be the next secretary of state, by this degrees-of-freedom approach to implicating someone.  

This morning this all came to roost in my state of Missouri. John Danforth, in an interview for NPR, said he would be in Kansas City on election day to make sure Project Vote doesn't pull any shenanigans. Fine, but let's make sure that people who are legally entitled to vote actually get the chance, Jack.

Anyway, since the average person votes identity and not by logic or reason, I know I will be using the above tack when I hear this TP from Rethugs. It's an easy way to shine a spotlight on the depravity of the Rethug philosophy and show how this line of thought will ultimately be a dead end to them.

Originally posted to biolife on Tue Sep 23, 2008 at 09:09 AM PDT.

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  •  It reminds me of what one ex slave said... (3+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    sand805, Pris from LA, rb137

    to his former master that he was gaurding in a Confederate prison camp in South Carolina:

    "Dis' time, bottom rung on top massa'"

    They can rail all they want against people of color  and immigrants and ordinary hard-working people of all persuasions...but justice is a comin' and it's comin' soon.

  •  They can say whatever they want (3+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    sand805, Pris from LA, rb137

    and our only response is to say that THEY ARE LYING, just like with WMD's, warrantless wiretapping, and the "fundamentals" being sound.

    No need to talk numbers and explain a 30-year history of conservatives trying to deregulate our economy and redistribute wealth to the rich.

    Just say that they're GODDAMNED LIARS.  Simple, true, and to the point.

  •  Expect more of this. (0+ / 0-)

    The neocons are without their pants -- and even low info people are able to get that now...

    They are going to fight with every nasty wedge issue they can muster in order hang onto what base they have left. They'll invoke the most vulgar aspects of the human personality to accomplish this, too. They can't do it by appealing to the head -- they have to appeal to the gut.

    What better than to bring up a shining example of minorities who deserve no more 3/5 of a mortagage getting a whole white man's share???

    John McCain and George W. Bush: Let them eat cake. August 29, 2005.

    by rb137 on Tue Sep 23, 2008 at 09:22:52 AM PDT

  •  Compassionate Conservatism (0+ / 0-)

    So much for compassionate conservatism.  They forgot about greed.  The idea was to get people out of the tenements where the democrats warehoused them and into a home.  Supposedly, home ownership imbues more pride than a slum.  Never mind.  Forgot that some people will sign a contract for something they can't pay for and that corporate swindlers will take their money and sell the mortgage, several times, before they go into default.  Really isn's nuclear science, folks.  Think democrats didn't make any money on it?  

  •  What I find more disturbing (0+ / 0-)

    is friggin Danforth's statement.

    Sure, we know the Repups will trot out various racial arguments, some subtle, some not, in order to scare the base about all those scaaaary, uppity colerds.

    But, what Danforth is saying is that he'll be taking steps to stop people working on voter's rights from doing their jobs.  Yeah, good ole John helping the party win by disenfranchising as many voters as possible.

    If you can't win with race baiting, win the old fashioned way:  illegal activities at the ballot box.

    "I'm not writing to make conservatives happy. I want them to hate my opinions. I'm not interested in debating them. I want to stop them." - Steve Gilliard

    by grog on Tue Sep 23, 2008 at 09:32:24 AM PDT

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