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While browsing the comments on another financial-crisis related story on Dkos, I saw a video of Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D-OH-09) deliver a fiery speech in which she absolutely tears Wall Street and the Bush Administration a new one.

I knew I had to make a diary about it.

Video and analysis, after the jump.

First, the video:

Like what you saw? Good. Now, before you read my analysis, go DIGG THE VIDEO so the rest of the Internet can see it.

Done Digging? Good. Now, back to the regularly scheduled diary:

I didn't get a full transcript, but the major points are below:

Wall Street and the Administration want to play the bailout game, and this is how they propose to do it:

1.) Rush the decision

2.) Disarm the public through fear

3.) Control the playing field (hide info from the public, hold private hearings, and private teleconferencing calls)

4.) Divert attention and keep people confused

5.) The goal is to privatize gains and socialize losses

She went on to rip Wall Street a new one:

You have perpetrated the greatest financial crimes ever on this American Republic. You think you can get by with it because you are extraordinarily wealthy, and the largest contributors to both presidential and congressional campaigns in both major parties.

She proposed a new set of points for her game, "Wall Street Reckoning." The basic points of this game are:

America doesn't need to bail you out. It needs to secure real assets and property.

Federal regional reserve banks should have a new job to help renegotiate mortgages.

American people should get equity in any companies.

Major job creation to rebuild our infrastructure.

Regulate, we need a modern Glass-Steagall act.

Refinancing must return a major share of profits to a new social security and medicare lockbox.

She finished with this: "Real reform now or nothing."

I hope to get a transcript up soon, but thought it was important to get this out there regardless. This needs to get spread around, because she's spot on. It's great to see a Democrat with a spine, and I really hope she goes far. I didn't really know much about her before this, but she just earned herself a strong supporter.

Update I: Rec list! Thanks guys! Special thanks to p gorden lippy for working so hard to get this to the list.

Reminder: There is also a Digg post for the video. Please DIGG IT so the rest of the Internet can see it.

Update II: kate mckinnon has posted contact info for Rep. Kaptur. How about you call her office and give her some love for being a true progressive?

(800) 964-4699  Toledo office
(202) 225-4146  DC office

Also, thanks for Digging, Kossacks. The video has gone popular (made it to the front page) on Digg. woot!

Update III: Rep. Kaptur mentions a bill in her speech. That bill is H.R. 1452: Establishing the Select Committee on Financial Bailouts. Please go check out the bill and contact your representative to tell them to support (and cosponsor!) H.R. 1452.

Update IV: If you want to reward good behavior, be sure to donate to the Kaptur campaign.

Originally posted to gsadamb on Tue Sep 23, 2008 at 11:34 AM PDT.

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