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Cross-posted at Eclectablog.

Senators Barack Obama and Joe Biden held a rally in Detroit yesterday, appearing with their wives in front of the Detroit Library.  According to Wayne County Sheriff Warren Evans, the event was attended by 28,000 with several thousand more waiting outside the gates.

Below are photos taken by my wife, Anne Savage.  In a day or so, I'll post panoramic images she took there as well.

The quotes with the photos below were delivered during the Detroit rally.

(If you like the photos, give it a Rec.  Let's show McPalin how a REAL rally looks!)

UPDATE:  Wow!  Rec List First Timer!  Thanks, folks.  Links to her other Obama panos after the jump.

If you'd like to see Anne's panos of the Obama rally at the Joe Louis earlier in the summer, check out her webpage.  Click on "Editorial & Events" under the "Panoramas" tab.  Also, she did one for the Detroit News of his Hart Plaza visit (on Labor Day) which you can view HERE.  That one has sound recorded (by moi) during the rally.

The "team" receives Detroit Red Wings swag.

A very diverse crowd for Senator Obama in downtown Detroit.

"We talked about the economy for 40 minutes, and not once did he mention the struggles middle-class families are facing every day.  The truth is through 90 minutes of debate, he had a lot to say about me. But he had nothing to say about you."

Three-quarters of the winning team.

"We meet here at a time of great uncertainty in Detroit and all across America. The era of greed and irresponsibility on Wall Street and in Washington has led us to a financial crisis as serious as any we have faced since the Great Depression. I know these are difficult days and nowhere has it been more difficult than Michigan and Detroit. But here’s what I also know: We can steer ourselves out of this crisis. Because that’s who we are. Because that’s what we’ve always done as Americans."

"My opponent, John McCain, talks about getting tough on Wall Street now, but you can’t make up for 26 years in 26 days.  He’s been against the common-sense rules and regulations that could’ve stopped this problem."

"It is an outrage, an outrage, that we are now being forced to clean up their mess."

"We are going to recruit an army of new teachers; and pay them higher salaries; and give them more support. And in exchange, I will ask for higher standards."

The next Vice President of the United States of America

The next President of the United States of America.

Originally posted to csavage on Mon Sep 29, 2008 at 03:57 AM PDT.

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