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So you Democrats thought you could make this election about the issues?

Yes, the banking system is in a crisis imperiling the entire global economy.  Sure, unemployment is rising and incomes are falling.  Of course our health care system is the laughingstock of the world.  Yes, we're bogged down in Iraq, the 9/11 masterminds remain at large and the Taliban are poised to regain control of Afghanistan.  Sure, we run secret torture camps around the world and eavesdrop on U.S. citizens.  Yes, global warming is wiping out species and changing the seasons and whipping up hurricanes and imperiling our coastlines.  So I can see why you think you'd be able to get people to vote for changing parties in this upcoming election.

But you neglected to consider one thing: YOUR CANDIDATE PALS AROUND WITH TERRORISTS.  And now, there's photographic proof:

[more proof over the flip...]

In the photo above, Barack Obama is seen, brandishing a weapon, at the forefront of a violent terrorist raid being conducted by the Weathermen in the late 1960's.  In fact, it was during this raid that the young Obama first befriended Bill Ayers.

Bill and Barack had everything in common: Bill was 23, the son of the CEO of Commonwealth Edison, and a recent U. Michigan grad; Barack was 6 years old and being raised in Hawaii by a single mom.  Both were horrified by the atrocities of the Vietnam War and decided that violence could only be fought with violence.

After their initial meeting at the "baseball bats and helmets" raid, their friendship blossomed.  Barack brought Bill home so they could plot further attacks together:

This third picture, unearthed by a commenter, shows the two radicals rehearsing Chinese water torture, while a Palestinian stick-thrower practices behind them:

Lest there be any doubt, I have been assured by Rich Lowry that these photos are 100% undoctored and unretouched.  Although he was looking at some other photos, and breathing heavily, when I spoke to him.

The two friends lost touch for over thirty years, during which time Ayers got off the hook for his crimes (strangely, Obama himself was never pursued), then rebuilt his life from the ground up, getting a doctorate, publishing 16 scholarly books and several hundred articles in education journals, founding the "Small Schools Workshop" in 1992 and the "Chicago School Reform Collaborative" in 1995.  By the time Obama was finally able to rejoin his long-lost friend, Ayers had become a leading figure in the education community.  Terrorist sympathizer Mayor Richard Daley had this to say:

There are a lot of reasons that Americans are angry about Washington politics. And one more example is the way Senator Obama’s opponents are playing guilt-by-association, tarring him because he happens to know Bill Ayers.

I also know Bill Ayers. He worked with me in shaping our now nationally-renowned school reform program. He is a nationally-recognized distinguished professor of education at the University of Illinois/Chicago and a valued member of the Chicago community.

I don’t condone what he did 40 years ago but I remember that period well. It was a difficult time, but those days are long over. I believe we have too many challenges in Chicago and our country to keep re-fighting 40 year old battles.  

John McCain, by contrast, would never, ever, EVER, EVER!, associate with any criminals.

So, you guys who are working to restore the American Dream and the economy and our reputation around the world, just hang on another four years, okay?

Originally posted to jab on Sat Oct 04, 2008 at 09:10 PM PDT.

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