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Talk about the ultimate rope-a-dope.  It seems as though the McCain campaign has walked right into Team Obama's grand strategy.

So, the McCain campaign wants to play tough...well, I happened to be perusing Barack's youtube page when, BLAMO, The first video that pops up is a doozy with a link at the end to a website called it cuts Mr. Maverick to shreds.

Check it out and there's one more video below the fold!!!

I knew it.  I just knew that the jedi masters that are running the Obama campaign had this prepared all along.

For a few hours yesterday I was really woried that in the final 30+ days, the only potential achilles heel would be how to respond to the repugnant attacks from the McCain campaign.

Well, now my worries have gone away (for the most part) because here's my very poor progression for what the Obama campaign has done!!!

A.  Let McCain twist in the wind as his poll numbers go further and further down.

B.  Let McCain be the incorrigible and intolerant old man in the first debate while Barack always stays classy San Diego, cool, calm, and collected.

C.  Let Governor Pavlov spew her nonsense during her propaganda  debate knowing it won't change the polls.

D.  Let the McCain campaign become so desperate that they resort to their tried and true smear and fear tactics.

E.  Instead of the Obama campaign taking the first volley, they plan and plan and plan, and then unload, unload big time in an excellently orchestrated "attack." Apparently the Obama campaign has made a mini-documentary about it, anticipating the McCain slime campaign!

Let's see which attack angle will work:

Trying to tie 8 year old Barack Obama to William Ayers.

Trying to tie 50 year old John McCain to the savings and loan scandal and following his mavericky path of deregulation for all his time in Congress.

Hmmmmmmmm, what will voters care more about??


As in like this....

I'm sure somewhere in the desert, Senator McCain is practicing his tried and true Tuesday night debate speech:

"Well my friends (shuffling note cards)....change is coming to Warrrshington my friends (further shuffling note cards)....and when Governor (looks down at note cards) pa Palin and I get to Warrrshington, we're gonna Maverick it up my friends...."

And somewhere in the hills of Asheville, North Carolina, Team Obama is cool, calmly, and collectedly ready to show Senator McCain and Governor Pavlov how to debate on Tuesday night.

Keep up the fight everyone.  Do whatever you can as often as you can.
Go Barack!!!  Go Fightin' Joe!!!

Originally posted to serecovery on Sun Oct 05, 2008 at 07:45 PM PDT.

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