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    Virtually every Democratic "Strategist" and even some reasonably respected republican "Strategists" are openly suggesting that the Johnny McNuts Campaign is so over, that the only arrow it had left in the quiver was not the Bill Ayers "Card"...but an entire Canasta Deck, with Ayers' picture on every one.

    The party hacks are showing up in serious numbers at republican rallies. They are then going home and apparnetly beating their kids, kicking their dogs, and devising personal strategies for our impending civil war.

    The fact that the McCain - Stalin Campaign can dampen the boxers of people who bomb women's health centers, burn crosses, and work in K Street Lobbyist Offices...will only result in Barack Obama winning this election with 400 Electoral Votres, in stead of the 282 which I had projected only a month ago.

    The part of the McPain Campaign which really twists my units is the fact that Johnny Economy has spent over $250 MILLION DOLLARS paying advisors who have placed him in a position where he has absolutely NO SHOT at becoming the President. THAT money could just as easily have been handed over to the foreclosure "victims" which McNuts now claims to be so concerned about.

    It doesn't even MATTER that Bill Ayers bombed buildings when Barack Obama was eight years old.

    It doesn't even MATTER that the Charitable Board the two men sat on was formed by a REPUBLICAN Member of the REAGAN Administration...or that other hardcore republicans sat on the same Board at the same time.

    It doesn't even matter that when Barack first ran for the State Senate, he held a coffee fundraiser at the home of Bill Ayers.

    It doesn't matter that Bill Ayers has become a respected individual in the field of alternative education philosophy.

    All that does matter, on this date, at this that fact that NO ONE CARES.

    The New York Stock Exchange has dropped by nearly FORTY PERCENT in the last ten trading sessions. THE COUNTRY OF ICELAND IS EFFECTIVELY BANKRUPT. The Paulson Plan has done NOTHING to stem the tide of red ink at U.S. Banks, Investment Houses, or Insurance Companies.

    Ford Motor Company shares closed today at TWO DOLLARS...with GM not far ahead, at less than FIVE DOLLARS per share.

    Ford's Bond Holders COULD force the company into bankruptcy BEFORE THE END OF THE WEEK, if they chose to do so. Many analysts believe a Ford bankruptcy would drive the GM Bond Holders to take a similar action.

    The Markets don't believe that Morgan Stanley really HAS a claimed infusion of capital coming in from Mitsubishi...and have driven Morgan Stanley shares down by another 26% today, alone.

    More than 900 Regional Banks are classified as being "in trouble".

    Another MAJOR insurance company is less than two weeks from failure, and GREAT BRITAIN HAS ESSENTIALLY NATIONALIZED ITS BANKING SYSTEM.

    And, STILL...Johnny McNuts has NO PLAN, NO PROGRAMS, NO POLICIES, and NO VISION for a nation who is no longer "on the verge" of a recession. We are LITERALLY months away from a FULL BLOWN DEPRESSION!

    Nero fiddled alone while Rome was burning. Johnny Ass Clown and Quick Draw McPalin are diddling their entire base of supporters, while the future of the United States, and the entire world are CLEARLY at stake.

    Memo to Johnny Oblivious...

    Bill Ayers, Joe Biden and Barack Obama could have a 3-Way "San Francisco Treat"...FILM THE EVENT, AND MAIL THE BOX SET OF THE DVD TO EVERY REGISTERED AMERICAN VOTER. BARACK COULD ADMIT that not only did he know and LITERALLY LOVE Bill Ayers, and has since he was eight years old.
Obama could openly acknowledge that at the tender young agfe of eight, that HE ACTUALLY MADE THE BOMBS FOR BILL AYERS, and YOU...Johnny Loser, STILL CANNOT WIN THIS ELECTION.

    You had TWO YEARS to come up with even ONE ECONOMIC PLAN...and being behind in the polls by double digits...having to defend in traditional republican states which you will lose ANYWAY...and on the eve of not only losing yourself, but BRINGING DOWN YOUR ENTIRE PARTY...all you can think to do is re-hash FORTY YEAR OLD EVENTS...and to conveniently foget that THE HUSBAND OF ONE OF YOUR OWN ENDORSERS...ACTUALLY APPOINTED AYERS to the Charitable Board that you are completely OBSESSED with talking about.

    All I can say to you, John, "Thank you". Thank you for being the bull-headed, angry old man that you are. Thank you for caring about NO ONE but yourself. THANK YOU, for selecting Yankee Doodle Palin as your running mate. Thank you for either NOT listening to people who are much smarter than you...OR, for LISTENING to people you only hired because they were at least as, or perhaps even more ignorant tnan you.

    Thank you for ending the Bush Dynasty...and, thank you for at least giving this country an actual chance to survive.

    Who knew, that being a complete douche bag was the best way for you to actually put your country first?

Originally posted to AAAverageAmericanBlogger on Thu Oct 09, 2008 at 11:01 PM PDT.

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  •  Technically, showed that Ayers moved (1+ / 0-)
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    the polls about 2 points in likability, and I think RCP average moved about 0.5 points, in 3 days.  All signs point to the debate moving the country back towards Obama a bit... or a moderate amount.  Its too early to say.

    One thing you should note.  Swiftboating happened in August, and was pushed by the MSM.  TV ran nightly stories for a dozen or so days per network (and Fox ran nightly stories.)  Wapo and NYT ran 10 or so front page stories each.  Ayers, ACORN or whatever shit McCain wants/needs to peddle needs the press to work it for him.

    Write/call the networks and papers.  Say no to guilt by association.

    As for the charges and counter charges.  I don't read either argument.  I am not the audience.  Even an Obama live boy/dead girl wouldn't convince me of McCain's suitability at this point.  I am always thinking.. what are the 10% of idiots that haven't made up their mind thinking... and the soft 7% or so of the electorate on either side.

  •  McCain thinks it's 2004 (0+ / 0-)

    But the media isn't playing ball, at least not yet.  The smart move for McCain is too lunge for the middle with fresh new populist ideas.  But he is not.  $250 million for this?

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    to know which way the wind is blowing.

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