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10-14-08 Tuesday:  late update: Sarge Herb Phelps Resigns From Radio Show at Nova M Radio !  Below is the official letter of resignation that Sarge Sent Today:

Sarge Resigns from KPHX Show
by Sarge on Tue Oct 14, 2008 11:22 am

Effective immediately I will no longer be host of the Unreported News Radio Show on KPHX. I feel the situation there is one that I can not work in and refuse to try. It is sad and I hate to see the current situation going on. I will have more to say at a later time. Thanks to all who have supported me and look for further announcements from me.

Well, there you go folks.  This is indeed sad news!  I'm sure I'm speaking for most everyone that we wish Sarge the best and that we hope he will join Jeff Farias where ever he is able to broadcast from in (hopefully) the near future.  It is critical that like Jeff, Sarge's voice continues to be heard because he speaks for those who are not being heard especially in the Gulf States where Katrina's devastating effects are still tragically being felt today, due to the inept, criminal response of the Bush Crime Family.  Welcome, to our Progressive Family Sarge and please write and let us know what we can do to help you and Jeff Farias get back on the air again.
With greatest love and respect,
leonard Clark and your listeners on progressive radio.

To bad, that the innocent people in the middle have to get hurt in this firing of Jeff Farias over at Nova M Radio.  It's bad enough that Jeff Farias in my opinion was fired or pushed out, but now those who continue to smear the reputation of Jeff Farias, have it seems hurt "Sarge Herb Phelps" at Nova M just to try and get at Jeff Farias's reputation.  "Sarge" is to be commended for standing up for his convictions in refusing to take a side and now unfortunately having to resign because of this whole controversy.

 Why cannot those people who continuosly spew their venom at Jeff Farias just understand that he is not threatening Nova M radio or even has said one thing bad publicly about it?  Could those people doing this please stop this blood letting madness?  Jeff, will be back on the air on a new station or new progressive network and life will go on, so please, stop attacking us who want Jeff Farias and Sarge Herb Phelps to get back on the air.  Their for taking on the Bush Crime Family and the fascists yet they are being smeared by those who claim to be progressives.
hmm... right before an election some of the top standard bearers for Barak Obama and progressive values are being forced out of progressive radio.  Now, isn't that rather curious timing?  It seems we have some within our progressive movement (moles) who are doing their best to de-unify our struggle for Democracy in America and around the world. Remember the government spies that helped break up A.I.M. (the American Indian Movement)?
Let's just see who seems to be sympathetic to Bloody John McCain in Progressive Radio today. Do a google search of all the general managers in progressive radio and then put in Bloody John McCain's name and see what you find.
Leonard Clark
the Damn Liberal
(and proud of it)
Persian Gulf/Iraq Occupation III Vet

Originally posted to thedamnliberal on Tue Oct 14, 2008 at 04:27 PM PDT.

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  •  Looks like an interesting diary....BUT.... (4+ / 0-)

    Where are you and what is it that we are concerned about?

    No Context.


    What are the issues here?

    Sorry, I want to be sympathetic but I don't get it. Please add more.

  •  This has no bearing on my life (0+ / 0-)

    Don't subscribe to Nova M, nor do I plan to.
    Do listen to Mike Malloy, rechanneled through AAR.

    Frequently, I enjoy the non-commercial community Radio WORT-fm.
    With everything else going on this month, this is a distraction.
    It's a slap-fight in a media bubble, on another plane.

    Support the local community-based radio (and other media) and let the franchise empires play elsewhere.
    I like Air America generally, but is amazed me that every personality on that network is urging us to buy gold. That is so counter-prograssive, it makes me chuckle when I hear it.

    Jeff Farias, presumably has a first-class radio permit. Outside of these diaries, I've never heard of him.  Form a co-op with him, buy a transmitter, and start broadcasting.

    There are two kinds of Republicans, millionaires, and chumps.

    by MadCityRag on Tue Oct 14, 2008 at 05:07:40 PM PDT

    •  Thank you just google jeff farias next week (0+ / 0-)

      Thank you.  Just google Jeff Farias next week or go to the website we set up for Jeff Farias at: and hopefully you'll be able to tune great progressive host.

      Leonard Clark

  •  Welcome to the radio business. (0+ / 0-)

    People are getting cut or resigning everywhere because companies are telling employees to take a pay cut or get lost.

    24 people were cut from CBS Radio last week. Plus, there's more to come.

    I don't know about Nova M's structure or problems. But I can bet there are hitting a rough financial patch.

    •  Thank you progressive host Farias will bebacksoon (0+ / 0-)

      Thank you.  Just google Jeff Farias next week or go to the website we set up for Jeff Farias at: and hopefully you'll be able to tune great progressive host.

      Leonard Clark

  •  Sarge's Statement: (0+ / 0-)


    Friday, October 17, 2008 Afternoon Update:
    Phoenix, Arizona
    "Sarge" Herb Phelps, A former radio show host who has recently resigned from his Nova M Radio Show states he left show because he was expected to take sides against Jeff Farias, here's his statement:
    Fri Oct 17, 2008 2:23 pm

    I have something lined up and will be announcing it shortly. I feel it is time I explain more why I made the decision since I have talked on the phone with Anita Drobny and told her why I decided to leave. She is totally informed of emails I have received and has expressed her disapproval of this to me in them.

    I left because I was told I had to come out on one side or the other by one person and got emails from him trying to get me to side with him. However, I felt since I was not involved and was not there when everything happened it was not my fight and I wanted to maintain a good relationship with all involved.

    I was saddened by the decision this person made when he went into the chat room the first day Jeff's show didn't air and he engaged people in an angry manner, even referring to people as you people and telling them to get their own radio station. Then he called me and in an angry voice referred to monique as "your f--king girlfriend because she expressed she found KPHX boring that day without Jeff. The person then went on after my admonishment of that statement to tell me I had to take a side, which I refused to do. They told me I had to make a decision by Thursday and I informed him my answer would be the same on Thursday as it was then. I was informed by Anita Drobny when she called me that he didn't have that authority and was not acting on their behalf. I informed her I could not work with person since he has become too heavy handed banning Leonard Clark and Democracy Interactive from being part of the station, which Anita agreed was not his called.

    I feel this person has taken a fight that isn't his fight and now I have been told by Anita that indeed he isn't speaking for them, and now he is making anyone that doesn't side with his opinion an enemy. I have called on Anita to restrain him and sent her emails he has sent me which she found to be disturbing to her. This person isn't even involved and yet he has appointed himself judge, jury and executioner without the approval of Anita Drobny.

    Since I believe everyone has the right to decide for themselves as they wish and since I feel I would rather focus on issues like Katrina problems, healthcare, Mountain Top Removal and issues that I feel are more important to more people I didn't want to let something that wasn't my fight become more important. Obviously this person doesn't feel the same way and therefore I had to leave. Jeff was told my position by me and he accepted it right off and we have maintained a normal and respectful relationship, as has Anita Drobny and myself, however this person has chosen to let it remain as way more important than it is. I began to feel I had to break my ties with this person and hoped that he would realize his constant efforts to keep this unfortunate situation stirred up as unaccepted and even caused me to feel he has personalized it to a point of him having become unhealthy.

    I deeply regret it happened, and while I wish the friendship was able to be savaged I no longer have faith in this person and doubt I could again. He has since sent me an email making a claim that I had a conversation that never took place, and then tried to convince me it did by sending me another email to try and convince me otherwise. I immediately sent this to Anita Drobny asking to get this person to quit harrassing me which she said she would take care of it. I hope that will indeed make this person realize he needs to move on and stop his insane attacks as they only do more harm and no good comes from them.

    There is the story and that is my final statement on it even if this person decides to continue I will not since all I have to say about it is in this post. It is time he grows up and realizes it is time to move on and leave such silly stuff as this behind.


    Morning Update for Friday, October 17th, 2008:

    Hello folks.  There is now alot of talk about a new local show that is to appear in Jeff's place.  It's a free world and their business to do whatever they want, but don't worry you will also be able to tune in Jeff Farias on the Internet and as soon as we can, set up a donation mechanism to help us get Jeff back on the air with our voices being heard not only in Phoenix but the rest of the nation and the world.  

    Remember,  there are those who might only be able to donate a penny and there are those who might be able to donate a million dollars but we are going to put our collective efforts together and get our progressive family back!  I have been calling Jeff daily and hopefully I will be able to announce very soon where we can go either on the radio or the Internet to hear him and call in.   We all need to start saving our pennies and... if we know of anybody willing to sponsor Jeff Farias on the net and on the air please tell them to come to this site( because they will know -VERY SOON where to go to sponsor Jeff.  Let's start thinking of advertisers who are willing to help out and let's reward them  with our business for having the courage to support our progressive voice: Jeff Farias on the air!

    If any of you are in a local city or in the country consider being ready to let as many people know who are friendly to progressive radio that they will have a show that will soon be up and running and where they can call into.  Hopefully, we can begin having Jeff Farias house and park parties as soon as next weekend.  Remember, no matter where you live that we can start mini-progressive communities around the world.  Does anybody have suggestions for the date, time and place?  Some of us feel that to have our Jeff Farias house parties all at the same time would be great no matter where we live.  Well, thanks and let's pray and hope that Jeff will be broadcasting next week and that all of us will be discussing the  extremely important issues of our world on Jeff's show.

    Leonard Clark

    the Damn Liberal


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