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My grandparents have always been Republicans. Well...they've been Republicans as long as I have been alive. They loved FDR but sometime between then and now they became Republicans.

I've never talked to them about politics. They are my grandparents and I love them dearly. I never wanted to get myself upset or angry. One of my best friends is from Vietnam. I was talking about his POV on the Vietnam War with my grandfather. My grandfather got angry with me and proceeded to tell me that "I don't understand."

I naturally assumed that my grandparents would vote for McCain. He seems like their kind of guy. I know they'd remember him from 2000 (when they supported him quite vocally). My grandparents don't like social conservatism. They think the bible has no place in public schools. My grandmother is a staunch supporter of abortion rights. She recognizes that there are times when a fetus should be aborted for the mother's health or for the health of a child-to-be. If you know your child will have a terrible disease, is it right to bring him into the world?

My grandparents are definitely racist. They grew up with "colored" in their vocabulary and were in their 40's by the time the civil rights movement rolled around. Their comments about African-Americans always seem, well, out of touch. They don't hold any hatred, but they definitely perceive a racial barrier that I do not.

My grandparents support for the Republican party stems from my grandfather's work. He owned a restaurant until it folded in the late 70's. I believe that the restaurant's folding was caused by the high taxes under Carter. They HATE Carter, and I believe this is why. I think that that was the point in their lives when they became Republicans.

I've been getting inklings that my grandmother has been moving towards Obama. She was disgusted by the pick of Sarah Palin. She finds Caribou Barbie vile and unqualified. Even this, though, was not enough to move her vote.

They watched all of the debates and they saw Obama looking presidential. The didn't like the way McCain composed himself. They don't like the negative nature of his campaign. Still, they live mostly off interest income. A tax hike would really hurt.

The final straw that broke the camel's back came this morning on Brokaw's Meet the Press. My grandmother loves Colin Powell. She hold the utmost respect for the man and thinks he should run for president. She values his judgment very highly.

When she saw Powell's stirring endorsement this morning, she knew it was time. It takes quite a lot to make an 87 y.o. Republican pledge her vote for Obama, it really does. My grandmother called my mother this morning and said that her decision was final. She will be voting for Obama.

My grandmother lives in New York. She strongly dislikes Hillary Clinton. I believe it has something to do with Bill's affair, though I've never inquired. Powell's endorsement means a lot. If my grandmother is voting Democratic, then I am sure that the country will too.

Originally posted to marshcat on Sun Oct 19, 2008 at 09:13 AM PDT.

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