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During a joint appearance on Iowa Public Television yesterday, my Republican challenger Chris Reed became the latest in an unfortunately growing wave of Republicans to make vile and hateful accusations against their Democratic opponents.

During a joint appearance on Iowa Public Television yesterday, my Republican challenger Chris Reed became the latest in an unfortunately growing wave of Republicans to make vile and hateful accusations against their Democratic opponents.  Yesterday, I sent the following email to my supporters calling for an end to these smears and telling them how to rid the country of such bitter tactics.

Earlier today, Iowa Public Television hosted a candidate forum with Republican challenger Chris Reed and me.

During the debate, Mr. Reed accused me of being the "Tokyo Rose" of al Qaeda. He later clarified the term by accusing me of "providing aid and comfort to the enemy" and "of giving our enemies the playbook."

As someone who has proudly worn the uniform of our country and who has served the people of Iowa in the United States Senate, this is a disgraceful attack.  It has to end.  It has to end today.

We have real crises in this country -- two major wars, an economic crisis and a housing crisis.  We must address these critical issues without the Rovian smears that have ignited a divisive environment in Washington and on the campaign trail.

Too often in recent weeks, Republicans have made outlandish and hateful accusations.

I know you've been outraged by their comments.  Just a few days ago, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann accused Barack Obama of being un-American on national television.  And Sarah Palin continues to accuse Barack Obama of "palling around with terrorists."  These attacks should never be part of our political discourse.

If you are sick and tired of the division and attacks, then please do something about it.

Please go vote.  Go vote today if you can - there are polling places open all across the state.  Call three friends and go vote today.

The best way to overcome negativity and to reject the politics of hate and division is to repudiate the Party and the people who make these charges.

You have the power to repudiate these attacks --- please go vote.

Originally posted to Senator Tom Harkin on Fri Oct 24, 2008 at 12:26 PM PDT.

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