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As some of you are aware, there was recently a diary warning us all that one of the users on this site was not to be trusted because their username suggested dislike or distrust.

This is a very valid point.  Here on DailyKos, we do not have many helpful methods of knowing whether someone is trustworthy or not.  In the real world, we might be able to determine if a person is trustworthy by observing the clothes they wear, their skin color, their height and weight, and their general level of attractiveness.  These valuable tools are absent on the Internet, and we have little to go on except for usernames.

It is with this in mind that I must sadly inform you that many DailyKos users are not to be trusted, based on their usernames.  I feel that this is so important that I am willing to violate "calling out" rules in order to expose this to the community at large.

Meteor Blades is actually more of a Comet Knife.

SallyCat?  Actually, SallyDog!

Gchaucer2 is really CDickens... 5.

Georgia10?  More like Wyoming438!

Muzikal203... totally tone-deaf, and barely 103.

Jotter... in real life, is a scribbler.

occam's hatchet has never handled a hatchet and does all his chopping with a machete.

Plutonium Page is barely Uranium.  Don't be fooled.

Something the Dog Said... complete lies.  The dog never said a damn word.

Daisy Cutter has never once cut a daisy.

StuHunter does not hunt Stu, he really just gathers Stu.

slinkerwink has not winked since the Vice Presidential debate.

Shelbyville Manhattan is actually more of a Queens or Long Island sort of guy.

99 Percent Pure is really only 97.7 percent pure.

AdmiralNaismith never exceeded the rank of Commodore.

thereisnospoon?  Oh yes there is, as well as a knife and two kinds of forks!

icebergslim really is slim... but barely qualifies as an iceberg.  Maybe an ice cube.

TooFolkGR is not at all too folk.  They are just the right amount of folk.

8ackgr0und N015e is nowhere near as 1337 as their username lets on.

xxdr zombiexx is neither a doctor nor a zombie, though the X's are appropriate.

Inky99 almost exclusively uses pencil.

FishOutofWater was never really a fish at all, but was an amphibian which is capable of living both on land or in water!

emptywheel is not entirely empty.  There are spokes in that wheel.

OrangeClouds115 is full of it.  Those clouds are clearly more of a yellow-green.  And 115?  Hardly.  Try 61.

One Pissed Off Liberal is, most of the time, just kind of tee'd off.  Pissed off is really quite a stretch.

edscan is actually edsbottle, recyclable with green tinted glass.

Darksyde is not all that dark.  Sort of Semi-Lighted Syde, if you ask me.

Devilstower is not really the mountain in Close Encounters.  But he was that mountain's stunt-double in the movie.

Hunter is actually more of a trapper, while ironically Trapper John is more of a hunter.  Go figure.

I am, however, totally explosions full of karate.  What about YOU?  Are YOU your username?

UPDATE:  Rec List?  My God people, are you trying to make GrannyDoc -- if she really is a Granny and/or Doc -- come after me with the rage of a thousand suns?

Braking!!!  More information being released via Drudge at this hour:

ticket punch really just slaps tickets.

Moody Loner actually has tons of friends and is fairly pleasant.


Originally posted to karateexplosions on Tue Oct 28, 2008 at 09:53 AM PDT.

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