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An incredible final day of early voting in Georgia took place yesterday, where 227,851 people cast their votes.  Although most expect the final percentage of black vote in the state to decline from what it currently is, incredibly the final day of early voting brought an increase, with nearly 37% of the Friday voters being African-American.

Nearly 2 million people have voted in Georgia so far, representing over 60% of the total 2004 electorate and over 3 times what the early and absentee vote consisted of in the prior Presidential election.  Perhaps most incredibly, compared to 2004 levels, 80% of blacks have already gone to the polls, withstanding lines hours on end, to make sure their voices would be heard.

Full statistics and early voting pics after the jump.

Early Voting Statistics

Number of ballots cast: 1,994,990

Number of ballots voted in person: 1,773,752
Number of mail-in ballots returned: 221,238

Turn out Demographics:

Black Female  439,434    
Black Male  260,432
White Female 666,827    
White Male  534,174    
Asia-PI Female  6,370    
Asia-PI Male  5,007    
Hisp-Lt Female  8,504    
Hisp-Lt Male  6,214    
Native AM Female  159    
Native AM Male  137    
Other  67,372    
Total 1,994,990  

Top 5 Counties in turn out:

  1. Dekalb: 177,320
  1. Fulton:  160,641
  1. Cobb: 135,907
  1. Gwinnett: 106,801
  1. Henry:  69,604

Some incredible early voting pics from around the Atlanta area:

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Originally posted to omgitsparishilton on Sat Nov 01, 2008 at 12:14 PM PDT.

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