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Any one of the facts on this list would have doomed Barack Obama. When the inevitable post election yammering begins that "liberal media bias" played a prominent role in this campaign and the media was "in the tank" for Obama, this list should provide evidence that traditional media was far too lenient in analyzing John McCain. Yes, some of these issues have been mentioned in this community before but most Americans will go to the polls mostly unaware of the many unseemly aspects of a man who after 26 years in Congress and a lengthy presidential campaign has avoided any appropriate scrutiny.  With a tip of the cap to David Letterman, here's the list.        

  1.  John McCain's father-in-law, James Hensley, was a convicted felon.

Yup, and by virtue of that fact he never should have gotten his hands on the Bud distributorship that bankrolled John Mccain's political career. An entire blog could be written about the shady world of the Hensley family. Read the stunning details here

  1.  By his own admission, John McCain is physically unfit to be President.

Senator McCain collected a military pension of $58,358 in 2007.  He also collected it tax free because he claims to be "100 per cent disabled". So a 72 year old cancer survivor who claims to be completely disabled is physically able to hold one of the most demanding positions in the world?  The LA Times pondered the same question.

  1. Both John and Cindy McCain attempted to conceal Cindy McCain's criminal conduct concerning her drug abuse and continue to attempt to dishonestly manipulate public opinion when forced to discuss this incident.

Yes, the Washington Post and the New Yorker did recently revisit this tawdry tale. The bottom line is John McCain went public with his wife's problem eighteen months after it occurred and only when circumstances forced John and Cindy McCain to fess up. WAPO dishes recently:

John and Cindy are still trying to spin this one.  Following the recent Post story, John Dowd wrote a published letter to the Editor (Sept. 18) that included the following:

"Mrs. McCain courageously made the allegations public to defeat the attempted shakedown. The sunshine from her public disclosure of the false allegations exposed and defeated the attempted extortion by Mr. Gosinski."

Nice try, John, but no soap. Read on.

Don't even ask what would have happened to Joe the Plumber if he got busted for stealing narcotics from a charity and forging several prescriptions.  

4, John McCain has exploited his status as a POW from his very first days as a carpetbagging congressional candidate.

In 1982, when Republican opponents in McCain's first tough primary campaign for Congress pointed out that he barely lived in the district, McCain played the POW card:

"The truth is that McCain's Vietnam story is the foundation on which his entire career has been built, starting with his first run for Congress in 1982. Accused by his opponent (completely accurately) of being a carpetbagger, McCain responded that people in the military move around a lot, and "the place I lived longest in my life was Hanoi." (Dramatic though the moment was, his claim wasn't true; he had lived longer in Virginia).

More about McCain's blind ambition in this Washington Post article decribing how McCain literally bought a house in the 1st congressional district on the same day the seat was vacated.

And then when he was going to scarf up Barry Goldwater's seat in 1986, he (with his wife's money) quietly (before the election) began the transition out of his beloved 1st district.

"In October 1986, just days before McCain was elected to the Senate, the Associated Press broke a story that the McCains had been quietly remodeling Cindy's childhood home -- a $500,000 spread still owned by Jim Hensley and located in north central Phoenix, outside of Congressional District 1 -- so they could relocate after the election. The project was kept so quiet, the AP reported, that modifications to the house were being made under the name "Smith," rather than McCain. As it turned out, Smith is Marguerite Hensley's maiden name. The building plans the AP obtained showed that McCain was adding "Jacuzzis, a cabana, a ramada, a swimming pool, fountains and a barbecue."

This from the previously cited article about Jim Hensley.

  1. Of the five senators involved in the Keating Five scandal, John McCain was the only one of the five with a personal and financial tie to Charles Keating.

John McCain essentially beat the rap on this blatant influence peddling scheme.  His wife and father in law invested with Keating and generated an eight figure return on real estate.  McCain had to pay fines on travel and jet rides from Charlie Keating when the IRS determined that this was tax evasion.  Details:

You like the backstabbing and repeated calls leaking on other senators? A real Silver Knight move.

  1. John MCain has continued to blatantly peddle influence, long after the Keating five scandal.

  1. John McCain has aggressively tried to restrict access to the truth about Vietnam POW's.

McCain has also physically and verbally assaulted folks who don't share his obscurantist view. More on that later. Most likely, McCain figured out that American corporations would never be able to access Vietnamese markets if Americans believed that POW's were left to die.  Just seal up all the records and make it go away.

  1. John McCain limited access to information concerning Republican party ties to Jack Abramoff.

A maverick, indeed.

  1. His own GOP counterparts have stated publicly that they are frightened about the prospects of a McCain presidency.

  1. John McCain has physically assaulted American citizens asking for his help.

"According to Mrs.Carol Hrdlicka, when POW/MIA family members confronted Sen. John McCain in the halls of Congress after the conclusion of the Committee’s Report, he shoved the wheelchair of handicapped POW mother Jane Gaylord out of his way knocking it into her niece who was behind the chair attending to her aunt and she was pushed up against a wall. Subsequently Mrs. Gaylord filed a complaint for assault against the Senator but the matter was squelched by the powers that be. As Senator McCain attempted to jump on an elevator to make a quick escape from the POW/MIA family members gathered, he shouted at Mrs. Hrdlicka, "You don’t know what I’ve been through"(indicating he was a former POW and inferring Mrs. Hrdlicka had no comparable experience or appreciation of his great suffering and sacrifice). As the door to the elevator began to close around the cowering Senator who was making good his get-a-way, Mrs. Hrdlicka raised a large photo of her POW husband Col. David Hrdlicka and thrust it at the elevator doors to show the Senator that she did indeed share in the suffering of POWs and family members and shouted that she had clear proof her husband David was still alive in captivity."

What would Barack Obama's prospects for the Presidency be if he was bankrolled by a crooked in-law, carpetbagged his first political campaign, was involved in one of the biggest political and financial scandals in US history, had numerous ties to lobbyists despite claims to the contrary, was the subject of criticism and fear from prominent members of his own party, had physically attacked a handicapped American in the halls of Congress and helped his wife secretly beat criminal charges related to the theft of narcotics from a charity?

Left wing media bias, give me a break.



Originally posted to Travis Bickle on Mon Nov 03, 2008 at 09:07 AM PST.

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