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Traveling New Mexico by small plane today with the Chair of the state Democratic Party, the New Mexico Speaker of the House, the State Auditor and various candidates. Lots of energy and spirit everywhere we went. We kept hearing about McCain being in New Mexico today, with plans to return tomorrow, on election day. Then, on our third stop, in the small town of Ratón, on the front range near the Colorado border, we saw before our eyes the story of this campaign, and why John McCain's last-minute stops in New Mexico are doomed to failure.

The story is told in two photos, one of the Raton Obama HQ, full of people, sprinting to the finish line, full of optimism:

And the other of the Raton McCain HQ, right across the street:

SORRY WE'RE CLOSED!!!! As hard as it was to lift everyone's spirits even higher than they were already, this did the trick. Amazing: McCain campaigning in New Mexico, while his ground game was closed for business!

More cool photos below the fold.

Our first stop today was in Gallup, New Mexico, on the edge of the Navajo Nation. Some great, uniquely New Mexican images.

I'm told this loosely translates as "Yes We Can, Obama, Yes we Can":

Simple but wonderful:

I voted for change, New Mexico style:

His fight is our fight:

And then we traveled to Las Vegas -- not the one with the strip, but a very old and beautfiul town in northern New Mexico. Great campagin storefront, reflecting the plaza across the street:

Inside, an amazing portrait of Barack done by a local high school student -- painted on an old car hood! We couldn't figure out for sure what type of car the hood came from, but the betting was an old Chevy:

McCain still thinks he can win in New Mexico?? Hah!

And then on to:

Yes We Can, outside the Raton HQ:

And inside, RFK on the wall:

While more folks gathered and exchanged ideas outside:

and occasionally gazed across the street to be inspired:

There is NO WAY that McCain wins New Mexico!!!!!

: : : : : : : : : : : : :

Thanks for the Rec List!!! And thanks for all the nice comments about the photos and the diary. I was hoping that these pics would give everyone a nice boost going into Nov 4. I can't tell you how great it was to see hard working Obama volunteers all over our wonderful, multi-cultural state truly coming together for our common purpose with such tireless enthusiasm, creativity and heart. What will really make me happy is drinking a toast to President Obama about 20 10 hours from now!

Originally posted to flitedocnm on Mon Nov 03, 2008 at 10:21 PM PST.

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