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By now we've all heard the reports from Fox News or Rush Limbaugh that the Black Panthers are blocking would GOP voters at certain polling stations in Philadelphia. This is not the only attempt by defunct radical groups and social movements disenfranchising GOP Voters.

And I have photo evidence!

In St. Louis a group of Suffragettes have blockaded a polling station frequented by Republican Voters as this photo clear demonstrates:

Image Hosted by

In Denver a group of Hippies has turned out to stop GOP voters:

Image Hosted by

Across the swing state of Virginia the French Revolution has shown up and is randomly beheading GOP Voters:

Image Hosted by

Across North Carolina Oliver Cromwell's Roundheads are suppressing GOP Voter turn out:

Image Hosted by

And worse still in Boston revelers have apparently boarded a GOP run polling station and are throwing the voting machines over the side:

Image Hosted by

So you see the thing is much bigger than just the Black Panthers. Defunct radical movements spanning hundreds of years have gathered together to help steal the election for Barack Obama

Originally posted to Larry Madill on Tue Nov 04, 2008 at 11:07 AM PST.

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