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My father is a lifelong Republican who has watched the party move away from him, for he is a conservative in the "conserve and not waste" sense, as he has moved away from it as well.  The sum of the rightward movement of the party as well as his slight shift to the left has resulted in him being very far away from the republican party on economic, military, social, and energy issues.  He was finally brought to vote for a "D" for president in 2004 due to the War.  Now the energy and financial crises have solidified his vote for what appears to be years to come.  He wrote this e-mail to my family today and i found it a beautiful explanation of why Obama won his vote.

Today is a beautiful day and there is much outdoor work which is beckoning to me. However, I feel that I must document the reasons that I chose to vote for Obama earlier today.

I believe he is the right choice for today.  Negative forces have besieged our financial systems due to greed and the drive for personal gain, causing our economy to teeter on a precipice.  The proper actions have the ability to return the US economy to health, but incorrect actions may very will send it into the abyss.  John McCain proposes to remedy the situation by reducing costs and spending, while maintaining a very substantial military presence in Iraq and at the same time reducing tax revenues.  With an economy in decline, spending reductions will only further esacerbate the rate of decline.  During the early stages of a recession, it is important to increase the rate of spending, not decrease it, and apply the spending in a manner that is directed at economic growth.  The burden of Iraq will not allow that to happen, but will continue the wasteful application of funds to destructive ends.  This strategy is analogous to that of "Guns and Butter" which ended the "Great Society"and terminated LBJ's residence in the White House.  

The solution is obvious - withdraw from Iraq in an orderly fashion thereby liberating funds that are designated for war to allow them to be committed to spending for peace!  What an amazing concept!  We can then support the economy with initiatives to develop and implement renewable energy, repair national infrastructure, improve heathcare and education.  Let's use these funds for construction rather than for destruction.  That is what Obama will do for us.  

I have listened carefully to what Obama has said and read what he has written.  Nowhere do I hear him communicate anything which is extreme, socialistic, or (my gosh) Communist.  He presents a serious and mature approach to the problems of America.  His opponents have cast him as a radical.  That is nothing more than a smear.  

My final thought is that I actually do not want a "Maverick" for President.  That is a statement of audacity.  McCain believes he is smarter than the rest of us and can make unilateral decisions because of his great wisdom, instituting decisions that are unorthodox.  Well, I don't want unilateral, unorthodox decisions made by a single individual.  I want decisions that are made in an informed manner following a sober assessment, not a shoot from the hip, instinctive knee-jerk reaction from someone of questionable judgement.  The test of judgement was confronted in the respective running mate decisions.  McCain failed that test and Obama won it with flying colors.  A maverick is very dangerous when equipped with faulty and questionable judgement.  Rather than the audacity of a self-appointed maverick, I will choose Obama and his Audacity of Hope.  

For all of the reasons given above, I believe that Obama is the proper choice for the future: to lead America forward to improve society by establishing contructive initiatives in a manner that is supported by reason and sound thought.

Well said Dad!!!

Originally posted to steeeevo on Tue Nov 04, 2008 at 12:57 PM PST.

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