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Say, that Obama character gives a pretty good speech.  :)

The three races I'm keenly following are for Al, Darcy, and Prop 8.  

Al Franken.  My absolute favorite of the O2B candidates is hanging in there, but not leading.  With 57% of Minnesota reporting, Al is down by 17,000 votes.  You know in the movies, when the good guys win the battle and the hero looks around to celebrate, only to find his best friend lying face down in the dirt?  That's the sinking feeling I have.  C'mon Al, you can't lose this.  I'll be heartbroken.

Darcy Burner. With 11% of the votes in, Kos's girlfriend, err, Darcy is up by 5,000.  I admit, his enthusiasm made me follow this race pretty closely.  She seems like the nicest person you'd want to meet.  Keep it up, Washington!

Prop 8.  Andrew Sullivan (the only other political blog I read, because Andrew is pretty awesome, even when he's wrong) is citing 52-48 in exit polling.  The thought of codifying discrimination is revolting.

Your thoughts on any of these three races are welcome.  What last races are you following?

UPDATE: Sorry, I was unclear on Prop 8 as reported on Andrew Sullivan's blog.  The lede quote is: "They show a narrow victory for marriage equality: 52 to 48."  That is, 52 voting to reject Prop 8.  Let's hope it finishes that way!

UPDATE 2: The Rec List?  Cool!  Thanks, guys!  I'm sending a Rec List Positive Vibration to Al, Darcy, and the God of Votecounting in California.  Join me, won't you?

UPDATE 3: Here are some 12:30AM Central Time updates:

Al Franken is down by 11,000 votes (i.e., tied with Norm Coleman at 42%) with 83% reporting, per the DKos map.

Darcy is up by 4,000 with 11% reporting.

MSNBC is reporting a rumor that Rahm Emmanuel is going to be Obama's chief of staff.

The movement to defeat Prop 8 is losing by 250,000 with 31% in.  That is, the Yes on 8 people have 53%, the No on 8 people have 46%.  

Originally posted to RogueJim on Tue Nov 04, 2008 at 09:40 PM PST.

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