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Since the inception of the Mojo Friday series by our most gracious host, TexDem, a community has formed, and as with all communities, a certain culture and lingo has evolved.  This reference diary is meant to be a compendium of all things sneck related.

What is a sneck?  

A sneck is a highly sought after comment space where the comment number ends in a "00"  (100,200,300, etc.).  The term "sneck" was born during a competition for one of these comments when TexDem made a serendipitous typo while pointing out that someone had tried to "sneak" in and steal the prize from him.

How do I know the comment number?

To see what number is assigned to any particular comment all you have to do is hover your cursor over the time stamp for that comment and in the bottom bar of your browser the last number in the URL after the #c is the comment number for that specific comment.  

First we'll start off with some basic Mojo Friday lingo and then move on to the Snexicon, complete with links to examples where appropriate.


abbr noun

  1. Mojo Friday
  1. M****** F*****

abbr noun

A person who contributes to Mojo Friday by commenting or rec'ing in the diary


Rec's received


The act of recommending a comment

abbr noun

Mojo Friday Weekly Open Thread
.  It's Mojo Friday after Friday.  The diary stays open all week and is available to comment and rec in until the next MF is posted.  MFWOT started as a place to escape the craziness of the GOS during the primary wars.

abbr noun

Mojo Friday Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.  A disease characterized by recurrent and persistent need to rec all comments in a Mojo Friday dairy, usually resulting in getting little work done on Fridays.

abbr noun

Mojo Friday Weekly Open Thread Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
. Same as MFOCD, only it lasts all week, strains employment and relationships, and sometimes results in poor hygiene and nutritional deficiencies.

Grumpy Grandpa

A person who comes in to a Mojo Friday diary to lament it's existence and chastise all who mojo for fun.  Favorite arguments of the Grumpy Grandpa include "How do you know you're not feeding trolls?" and "There's no FUN on DKos!!"

abbr noun

Great Orange Satan.  The world outside Mojo Friday, a.k.a. Daily Kos.  Not to be confused with GoS (Goddess of Sneck), our resident, dear friend, and wine flinger extraordinaire, Floja Roja

abbr noun

Moment of Lucidity.  A well thought out and intelligent comment coming from an unexpected source.

Mojo Friday Miracle

A wondrous and highly celebrated occasion where an MFer receives the last bit of mojo needed to attain Trusted User status while participating in MF.  

Mojo Friday Postgame Show

A weekly statistics diary posted by Hedwig that measures success at Mojo Friday for each participant.  The diary is posted every Friday at 4:30 EST and then updated with new stats on Friday night and Sunday at noon whenever the owl wakes up.


One of the various hats worn by resident MFer donnamarie.  She makes sure we clean up after ourselves, stay off the right wall, (frustratingly) referees sibling rivalries, and most importantly, leaves loving notes scattered about the place.


Polite request by the Left Wall Goddess (a.k.a. donnamarie, a.k.a. mom) to please move your conversation to the left wall.  This request is posted by the LWG or one of her minions when there are threads actively breaching the Right Wall of the diary by having too many indented replies.  Too many RW comments can explode the diary (and some believe open up a wormhole to redstate), so it is important to post a new Left Wall comment and continue your discussions there.



A comment ending in "00"


To post a comment ending in "00"


A person who has achieved a sneck


An incident in which a sneck is achieved without the commenter having intended so.

premature sneckulation

a comment where the commenter was obviously aiming for the sneck but popped their load too early, usually resulting in a comment ending in 98 or 99


A conversational sneck where the commenter is involved in a dialogue with another user.

sneck and run

when you have to be somewhere else but the sneck is coming up so you snatch it and bail.

millennial sneck

A comment ending in "000" (highly sought after)


self referential ego sneck


A zen-like sneck which requires no words

möbius sneck

A sneck in which the snecker congratulates a previous snecker on their sneck


variation of sneck where all numbers in the comment number are the same.  111,222,444, etc.

NotB sneck
abbr noun

Number of the Beast sneck.  Comment #666, it only happens once per Mojo Friday diary and also counts as a repetisneck.


A sneck where the commenter is assisting another user.


A contagious state in which the affected person (a non-snecker) is overcome by the desire to attempt a sneck when they see it just within reach


An elitist sneck.  Any sneck comment mentioning lattes, volvos, or arugula is an elitist sneck.  Sneck snobs who only go after the millenial snecks are also elitists and may be referred to as snequers.


An often unnoticed variant of sneck where the comment number is sequential (1234, 2345, etc.)


An oppressive condition of distress where you must get that sneck!

rapid fire sneck (a.k.a. "machine gun sneck")

A method of snecking that involves setting up numerous comments in separate tabs in advance, so that as the sneck nears you can fire them off all at once and thereby, hopefully, achieve the sneck.  
(note the comment numbers and time stamps in these examples here, here,here, and here, to see the machine gun strategy in action)

sniper sneck

A sneck that has been aimed for and taken out in one clean shot


A solo sneck.  This usually happens when bored Mfers are in the diary alone and realize a sneck is approaching and decide to get themselves there all by their lonesomes.  


A caterpillar of comments in burma shave format resulting in a sneck.  This is generally the method of choice for sneckurbators.

snecksual addiction

Compulsive physiological and psychological need for snecks


The magical device with which Hedwig measures how many snecks each person gets as reported in the Mojo Friday Postgame Show


A sneck comment consisting of nothing but the word "heh", TexDem's favorite response to a witty (or not witty) comment.

Alternatively, snhehck is sometimes used as a way of declaring or acknowledging a sneck while sneaking "heh" into the comment, which is a stat measured in the Mojo Friday Postgame Show


Person with the most snecks as measured by the sneck-o-meter in the Mojo Friday Postgame Show


me. Mojo Friday etymologist and keeper of the Snecktionary


An arrogant state of mind or disposition by a snecker

sneck strut

A self important dance one does while being duly congratulated by all the sneck losers


The mechanism used to detect an upcoming sneck.  Profession sneckers are always highly attuned to the comment count and the vicinity of the next sneck.

For more Mojo Friday information, including how to improve your stats scores, please see this diary by MKinTN

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