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UPDATE: The Rec List? Really...? OK. That was unexpected, since my animations typically averaged about ten recs. Thanks for the comments, especially from other freelancers who are suffering a tough economy right now.

I know a lot of Kossacks have been enjoying my daily animations over at I've certainly been enjoying doing them, and was looking forward to animating all of the Republican infighting and media cluelessness for months to come. Sadly, it's not to be.

I've been doing the animation work on a freelance basis. But now, Salon is slashing its freelance budget. And but so I'm being cut down from five animations per week to one, which isn't enough for me to live on.

So first, I'm taking a few weeks off from the political animations to work on a few projects that had fallen by the wayside during the heat of the election (friend me on Facebook for constant updates). But soon, I'll most likely be looking for a new paying daily gig. So if you've got a connection somewhere, I'm like Ross Perot--all ears.

In the meantime, after the cut I've got Friday's animation about recent news coverage of Obama's daughters. It's the last one for awhile, so enjoy!

If I find a new paying daily gig (I am SO not doing these for free anymore), I'll let y'all know as ASAP as possible. It's been 12 kinds of awesome...

Originally posted to scottbateman on Mon Nov 17, 2008 at 07:57 AM PST.

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