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This is great news! (for John McCain?)

I must admit, i had begun to get pessimistic about this race as Charlie never seemed to crawl under that 500-vote margin. Then today, I pop over and see this is down to cuticle-chewing close!

There has been woefully little news about this race. Kos did post a FP story last week. And there are trickle in the local newspapers like this from the SacBee.

But holy carp bass trout!

I would love to sit and w00t! with you guys, but I gotta head out ASAP.

Here was my take on this race a few days ago:

Last time (2006), Charlie lost by something like 9000 votes, around 3%. People gave him credit for pushing an incumbent rethug in this district a run for his money.

This time, a super jackass carpetbagger troglodyte has no business taking this seat for the GOP. Charlie is the man this district voted for, and he deserves to win.

The only way Charlie could lose this race comes down to 3 or 4 factors

++ The Anti-Obama vote:
Toward the end of the Prez campaign, a large portion of goopers who may have voted for a Dem got spooked by the nasty rhetoric being spouted by Grampa Abe McCain & Mooselini. People voted for a candidate that repulsed them (McClintock) to try a tie the hands of the inevitable Socialist in the WH.

++ Gay Marriage:
Were it not for Prop 8, Charlie might have won this race by double digits. Single-issue voters galore in this district.

++The Swiftboat TV ad:
Those not around here may have missed it, but it portrayed a man endorsed by every single veterans' group in the region as someone who burned an effigy of the troops while wearing his uniform. The claims were all debunked, but the low info voters here lap that shit up. Classy move by Tom McChickenhawk.

Don't rule out funny business in a district PVI (R) +13. If we truly get every vote counted, I have faith the good guys can win this.

Please, everyone: Do what you can to help us pull this out.

Full disclosure: I worked for the campaign. I worked my fucking ass off for this campaign.
Please donate or
volunteer to help Charlie win!

5:30 PM (PST) Update
Charlie has picked up another 30 votes to get the total down to just 0.096% of all the votes cast for the 2 major candidates!

We are close, folks!

Thanks for all the comments!

Update 2:

The folks at the campaign say the SoS site linked above have not updated the numbers and the new figures may not be as favorable.

We are awaiting news from the state about whether there will be a recount.

Thanks, again, everyone for all your support for Charlie.

Update 3:
Just like that. The page changed from a 269-vote lead to 1793-vote lead for McClintock.

Sorry to have gotten our hopes so high earlier today. This is indeed very bad news and bodes poorly for our chances in this race. Too many winguts in this district, folks. They will need to learn the hard way, simply pass on, or get saved by the Jesus.

Thanks again for all your support. This isn't over yet, but today's news is a real downer in the end.


Originally posted to The Laughing Planet on Fri Nov 21, 2008 at 03:30 PM PST.

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