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Mark Halperin is just a piece of work! I cleaned that up for the purpose of remaining civil!

Halperin at Politico/USC conference: 'extreme pro-Obama' press bias

"Media bias was more intense in the 2008 election than in any other national campaign in recent history", Time magazine's Mark Halperin said Friday at the Politico/USC conference on the 2008 election.

"It's the most disgusting failure of people in our business since the Iraq war," Halperin said at a panel of media analysts. "It was extreme bias, extreme pro-Obama coverage."

The media and Halperin in particular, kept harping on and on about Wright, Ayers, whether Obama was a one man terrorist cell, lipstick on a pig, Michelle hating America, terrorist fist jabs, elitism, etc. If that is a pro-Obama bias I sure don't want to see the anti-Obama bias.

Mark Halperin isn't even bothering to hide his political bias anymore! He thinks the press and media was very biased in its pro-Obama reporting. There are just so many reason's to tear his ridiculous presumption apart, I can't name them all in the space provided to write this diary...So, Im going to leave it up to all of your KOSsacks to post comments about why the media wasn't too pro-Obama, but rather pro-McCain. Have at it after reading the rest of his comments!

"The example that I use, at the end of the campaign, was the two profiles that The New York Times ran of the potential first ladies," Halperin said. "The story about Cindy McCain was vicious. It looked for every negative thing they could find about her and it case her in an extraordinarily negative light. It didn't talk about her work, for instance, as a mother for her children, and they cherry-picked every negative thing that's ever been written about her."

The story about Michelle Obama, by contrast, was "like a front-page endorsement of what a great person Michelle Obama is," according to Halperin.

Ummm, Mr. Halperin...The story written about Cindy McCain was a pretty complimentary biography of her. Yes, it touched upon her drug use and her stealing of prescriptions from a charity... and that was part of her life story. All things Cindy McCain has publicly spoken about on many occasions, herself! Sorry if Michelle Obama didn't have the same shortcomings, but you can't hold it against her for not being addicted to drugs, and for not stealing said drugs. The fact that Michelle Obama has been an exemplary citizen, hasn't broken any laws, didn't commit adultery as Cindy McCain did, and has given much to her community through charitable work, is not to be held against her, rather she should be celebrated for her accomplishments, both educationally and socially. It's not being pro-Obama to point out those facts and it's not being anti-McCain to point out Cindy's personal biography. If Cindy McCain and her followers are embarrassed by her past actions, perhaps she should have influenced her husband not to run for public office, where her constituency has the right to know about her public life and some of her private life, as well.

Link To the NYT article on Cindy McCain:

Link to NYT article on Michelle Obama:

Perhaps Mr Halperin never heard of Reverend Wright, Bill Ayers, birth certificateGate, "proud of my country" "supports baby deaths" etc. that were proffered by the press and various media as if they were actually relevant to the campaign and they never even questioned with real zeal the truthfulness of the accusations, misquotes and misrepresentations made about President-elect Obama and Michelle Obama. If the media was so pro-Obama then why did they do stories on Wright and Ayers almost constantly, right up to election day?

The fear and smears just didn't work this time. Halperin is simply trying to deflect attention away from his  incorrect pro-McCain assessments. What log has Mark Halperin been sleeping under?

Mark Halperin is a well known right-wing shill from his days at The Note. Both Media Matters and The Daily Howler websites have cataloged many examples of his extreme bias.

Originally posted to StuHunter on Sat Nov 22, 2008 at 03:52 PM PST.

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