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FINAL UPDATE: MiscastDice and I met today (Tuesday, Dec. 2). MiscastDice is a VERY nice, kind and beautiful person.  Seemed a bit embarrassed about taking the money we raised (thank you Kossacks!), but greatly appreciated the help.  It was a privilege to meet such an amazing and talented young person. Miscast presented us with the opportunity to see how we can change the lives of others, one person at a time.
As many of you pointed out, a wonderful way to help our fellow Kossacks is through  KINship, right here on Kos.  It IS possible, otherwise, to be taken advantage of by persons who are not "real" or sincere. This was NOT the case with miscast, thankfully. (KINship link)
Miscast  did not ask for money, but I took it upon myself to help someone who was so obviously in a desperate situation.
I hope MiscastDice will continue to share with us, knowing we care. I look forward to more of MistcastDice's insightful diaries.
I got not one, but TWO hugs. May your future be bright MiscastDice.

Here is MiscastDice's diary in case you missed it or it falls off the rec list:

I saw your plea for help over a week ago. I just KNEW "somebody" would help.  I was SURE that "someone" in Los Angeles would take action. After all, this is a huge city, and surely there were hundreds of people who would help a fellow Kossack in need, right?

Today I read your diary with a mixture of sadness and shame.
I looked into the mirror and said to ME:  "If not YOU, then WHO? If not NOW, then WHEN?"
Today is supposed to be spent doing Christmas shopping for family and close friends.
Today I am supposed to buy them more "stuff" that they do not need.
I am betting that when they get a copy of your diary and a note saying that the money ($ supposed to be used to buy their needless stuff ) has been donated to YOU, they will be tickled pink!  I mean it. That is the kind of family and friends I am blessed with.
Today, I will also be calling other friends and business associates and ask them to donate if they can. After that, I will go to the bank.
I am not rich. My goal is to raise enough money to provide you with shelter for a month. After that, will  you be any better off than now?
I think the answer is "Maybe so."  A person with a roof overhead, food to eat, and a fresh shower is far more likely to find a job IMO.
I bring up the following bio info so you will know who I am:
You will notice that I will arrive in a nice car. You may notice that I carry a nice bag.  Please do not judge me for this. You see, I am a Realtor (feels tomatoes being thrown at me through screen). Trust me, business is terrible. I have not sold a house in over a year. Yes, we brokers had a few very good years, and I was wise enough not to spend it all.
I know that I may have to live off of my savings for several years to come.
If I am not careful, I will be right where you are now. Some agents I know are already there.
I suppose there are reasons you want to stay in West Hollywood. I do not question them, as I am attached to Southern CA myself.
So, where do we meet? I need an actual address, perhaps a coffee place.
I am in the Valley and do not know West Hollywood (so I will use mapquest).  
Afternoon is best.  Please let me know if you need jacket or clothes;
If I (or spouse) have items you can use, I will bring. (If you DO need clothes, what size)?
Please e-mail me at katanalori at aol dot com.
In exchange for this assistance, I will request a hug.

I would appreciate it if my fellow Kossacks do not tell me that "this is not a diary" and/or that I should have posted this as a response in the diarist's thread; That thread is getting long, and I fear he/she will not see it.
I am not posting this into a diary to be self-serving.  I suspect many of you are feeling concerned and helpless about MiscastDice today, and this is my way of letting you know this:  Those of us who CAN help, MUST. If those of us who can just help ONE other person, we can make it through this Recession/Depression.  Think about it.

Update:  I am on rec list?  That is exciting, of course - but I am also hoping that this little project will inspire others to do a similar little project. Together, we can make a big difference.
Update #2:  I got an email from MiscastDice - we meet tomorrow in Santa Monica.  I best get to work on the phone to raise more  funds.

Originally posted to katanalori on Mon Dec 01, 2008 at 11:40 AM PST.

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