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I'm sure there have been more recent polls of the Daily Kos community than those listed in the DKos Demographicspage***, but I can't for the life of me find them (search tips welcome, if you have better luck).  

So come on by and click the appropriate box.  Today's poll: Age.  Tomorrow I'll move on to gender/orientation/marital status, then income, ethnicity, etc., following the categories that have been polled for previously.

***NOTE: If you follow the link above to the dKosopedia page and check out the earlier polls from 2004 and 2005, please follow the suggestions to NOT vote in those polls.  Preserve them for historical analysis.  Has the Daily Kos trended younger or older since '04?  Are we spreading into new regions of the country?  Etc.

I will also update the dKosopedia with links to these diaries, afterward.  

Apologies if anyone dislikes the categories or age ranges I use in these polls, but for the sake of maintaining comparative data sets, I am copying the ones used in 2004/05 by JMS and pHunbalanced.

Thanks everyone, for my first trip to the rec list!

Thanks also for voting -- we've now surpassed the last age poll by over 100 votes and still counting.

Update:  For more information about the demographics of Daily Kos, check out this diary by DrSteveB.  Kudos to kck for the reference!

Originally posted to Anthro Doc on Wed Dec 10, 2008 at 05:07 PM PST.


How old are you? End-of-2008 edition

0%91 votes
5%622 votes
9%994 votes
9%958 votes
10%1091 votes
14%1544 votes
17%1775 votes
16%1720 votes
11%1170 votes
3%365 votes
1%105 votes

| 10435 votes | Vote | Results

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