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On December 8 2008, active and retired UAW members from across the U.S. traveled to Washington D.C. to put a human face on the real issues underlying the future of the domestic auto industry, manufacturing, and the American working family.

The workers marched, held a press conference, met with Democratic Congressman and author of Single-Payer Bill H.R. 676, John Conyers of Michigan, and confronted Republican Senator Richard Shelby on his views regarding unions, the value of domestic manufacturing, health care, green jobs, the double standards that exist between white-collar and blue-collar labor – especially with regards to the government's handling of the banking and automotive assistance plans – and more.

After being informed at Shelby's office by Ashley Bowles that the Senator was not in that day, Bill Duhnke and Mark Oesterle of the Republican staff on the Banking Committee agreed to sit down with the workers to discuss the Senator's positions and plans.

Voice your opinion.

 Call, email, or stop by the offices of:

Senator Bob Corker (R) Tennessee

Senator Jim DeMint (R) South Carolina

Senator Richard Shelby (R) Alabama

NOTE: This is an initial rough cut of the raw video. Graphics with individuals' names, titles, and locals to follow. Downloadable, embeddable Open Source/Public Domain version available at:

Originally posted to Public D on Sun Dec 14, 2008 at 08:26 AM PST.

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