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By semi-popular demand, I'm doing another diary in Latin (don't worry, I'll provide a translation) about current American politics. This one, as you can tell, is about Terry McAuliffe and Virginia's governor's race next year.


Rediens gubernatorem contestum in Virginia, quoniam  . . . quoniam in Virginia habito, plusque contesto scio. Quattuor petitores sunt: tres Democratores, et unum Republican, pro tempore. Republican  prius attornatus principalis pro Virginia est, unus Jerry Kilgore, curare dicitur statum, sed ceteribus solus; ipse non dixit unum verbum pertinentem eo, meae scientiae. Tamen labores non nunc necesse parare est putet, etenim contestum antequam secundum annum non est; proximo moto sinistro Virginiae, certus sapiens est non sum. Candidatus gubernatori parti Republicani in 2005 fuit, sic contestum primum vincere difficilis non sit, si vult, praesertim nemoque temptat. Thomas Davis  vincere contestum apertum possim, sed post defectum potiri subrogationem Republicanem Senatori Virginiae sequentem abscessionem Warneris, ipse abscessit civilitatem. Non puto Kilgorem habere multum via fortunae; si non vincit conservativiorem Virginiam in 2005, quomodo vincat nunc?

Primum petitor (ordine passivo), Brian Moran, servavit dodecem annos in Domum Legatum Virginiae, quo tempore (meo consectato) laboravit legislatoreque iuvit Democratores adlecta. Videtur intensissimus pressente contesta, ambo primumque apertum. Secundum petitor, Creigh Deeds, similarem consummationem habet, in spirito si in facto non, ita non narram praeter dicere probavit iamiam potest contendere speciei curro, vixissimus defectus in 2005 existere attornatum principalem.

Iam focum epistolae venio: Terentius McAuliffe. Non opinionem eius viro habeo, sed petitore inimicus sum. Non probavit servo populo Virginiae, non vicit contesta, sed desirat esse gubernator. Animosa mea non est officio pro Senatorem Clintonem, quam non multum amo, sed capacitas eius gubernare. Puto Republicanes in Richmonde laborent interfecere credibilitatem gubernatore, non facere leges iuvare Virginiam per calamitatem denariorum. Amicus eius "Terentius vendat stercus catabulo." dixit. Virginia catabulum non est, domne, quodquam stercorisque McAuliffis non volumusve indigemus.

Returning to the governor's race in Virginia, since . . . since I live in Virginia, and I know more about this election. There are four candidates: three Democrats and one Republican, for the moment. The Republican is Virginia's former Attorney General, one Jerry Kilgore, who is said to be interested in the job, but only by others; he has not said one word about it himself, to my knowledge. However, he may feel that he doesn't need to start working yet, since the election is not until next year; with Virginia's recent movement to the left, I am not sure this is wise. He was the Republican candidate for governor in 2005, so winning the nomination would not be difficult, if he wants it, especially if nobody else tries. Tom Davis might be able to win the general election, but after his failure to obtain the Republican nomination for Senator from Virginia following Warner's retirement, he himself retired from politics. I don't think Kilgore has much of a chance; if he couldn't win a more conservative Virginia in 2005, how can he win now?

The first candidate (in no particular order), Brian Moran, served twelve years in Virginia's House of Delegates, during which time (from my research) he worked as a legislator and helped Democrats get elected. He appears very serious about pursuing the elections, both primary and general. The second candidate is Creigh Deeds, who has a similar resume, in spirit if not in fact, so I will not recount that except to say he has proven already he can compete in this sort of race, having lost very closely in 2005 to become Attorney General.

Now I come to the focus of this letter: Terry McAuliffe. I have no opinion of him as a man, but I am unfriendly to him as a candidate. He has not proven himself as a servant to the people of Virginia, he has not won any election, but he wants to be Governor. My animosity is not due to his role for Senator Clinton, whom I do not much like, but his capacity to govern. I believe Republicans in Richmond would work on ruining his credibility as Governor, not on laws to help Virginia through a financial crisis. A friend of his said "Terry could sell shit to a zoo." Virginia is not a zoo, sir, and we neither want nor need Terry McAuliffe's shit.

Edit: 'stercus' in the last line of the last paragraph should be 'merdam' instead, as 'merda' fits the connotation of the original statement better.

Originally posted to Ponder Stibbons on Tue Dec 16, 2008 at 08:46 AM PST.


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