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The hatred keeps on spewing.  From Dateline that will air tonight:

He says that homosexuality is like other "natural" impulses that must be curbed, stifled, stowed away.  

Shorter Rick Warren (and watch for Ann Curry's "eeuw" reaction):  

Sure, I'd like to bone every hot female I see, but I don't.  Now, watch me while I give this invocation.

HUGE Update:  Helpful commenter along (tips go there for research accuracy) shows that this quote below is NOT Rick Warren, but apparently his columnist pinch-hitter, one PastorJon Walker.  The Stranger layout of the quotes mislead me, but Rick is NOT quoted below.  It's Jon Walker, whose column excerpted here Warren endorses.  I'm leaving Walker's quote up, because it's the mindset.  But it ain't Warren:

I went for a while thinking I could handle it on my own. Frankly, who wants to admit this kind of sin? With my years of experience in ministry and my seminary degree, I thought I could figure a way out of this one.

But I kept falling into a cycle of despair — perhaps you’re familiar with it? Falling on my face before God, I’d swear I’d never do it again. But then I’d convince myself that one last time wouldn’t hurt, and quickly I’d be stuck right back in the briar patch of pornography that plagues the World Wide Web.

My wife is also an ally in this battle, and you need yours as well. Sherry set "locks" on my computer, and I do not know the password. This means I am blocked from most pornographic sites because my wife’s settings recognize them as such. I also — and, yes, this was embarrassing — handed my wife a list of Internet addresses for the pornographic sites I tended to visit.

She created specific blocks for them, so I can no longer access them. Once again, this eliminated a lot of my temptation. I now feel comfortable using my own computer, but nervous when I use an unprotected computer. I’m glad my wife established these blocks.

Methinks the lady doth protest too much.

Hatespigot Warren has no business being anywhere near the inauguration.

Originally posted to Penman on Fri Dec 19, 2008 at 09:22 AM PST.

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