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Could it be? A quiet weekend, especially Sunday, so a briefer entry today. (V. 33 has most of the weekend news.)

Today and Tuesday will show some front page action and we might get some back story news on the rejected absentee ballots.

To the Orange ballots the (recount) infinity ........ and beyond.

(Your WineRev will be brief today. A sinus headache woke me up this morning (always a bad thing) and hot coffee, hot shower and a pill or 2 have had only minor effect so far. At times like these I identify with Hunter S. Thompson AFTER a binge way too closely.)
     Fortunately there is little to add to yesterday's diary here

The Canvassing Board is scheduled for a 2 hour session beginning at 9:00am. (Live stream on the Uptake here:)  

UPDATE 2: Canvassing Board meeting has been moved to TUESDAY MORNING, 9:00AM, Per McIntee at UpTake. (h/t rincewind)
(Great little vignette: at Friday evening's presser Ritchie mentioned this meeting would not be live streamed on the MN legislative channel and didn't know if any media would be carrying it. Either McIntee or Kunin (Lithuanian power!) was there and said, "TheUptake will have it."
     Ritchie said something like, "Great. I guess that makes you our official source on Monday." NOT BAD for 6 people, a couple video cameras, cellphone audio streams, a van and some AppleII computers donated to THEM from a public school! ;-))
     (One blogger congratulated them by noting that now the Coleman campaign---different from his Senate office, who has been quite open---will have to take questions from the UpTake since they have more clout! YAY UpTake!)

    Secretary of State Mark Ritchie may report updated figures for the recount (and perhaps change the website numbers too) having given each candidate their share of the withdrawn challenges. If not today, then by tomorrow.
    The Board MAY also deal with the "Blue Folder" ballots, ballots which were challenged by one or other camp that (according to Kossack Rincewind) may include the duplicate/ double count ballots (see diary 33). The Board set these aside last week since at least some of them have "incidents" attached to them. The Board sounds like they are inclined to make a determination of "voter intent" (which is their function after all) but leave any other questions to a court.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, 12/23 at 2:00pm the Supreme Court hears arguments from Coleman re: their suit about the duplicate ballots. (This will be no doubt covered LIVE STREAM by the "Official Media Source for Proceedings of the State of Minnesota" :-))

    And somewhere behind the scenes some SERIOUS negotiating is going on regarding the "rejected absentee ballots.' The Supreme Court ordered as many of these improperly rejected ones ("5th pile") counted as soon as the SoS office, county election boards and BOTH campaigns could agree on terms. This might be along 3 lines:
    a) the campaigns are hammering out a process for determining which ballots should be included and (subject to input from Ritchie) this set of standards/ process communicated to the 87 county boards. Then across the state these boards in the presence of Coleman & Franken attys. will have an opening & counting party (and each side gets to challenge ballots like any other of they want to). This line addresses the "uniform standard" issue but is hard to pull off up front. It IS something of a minority opinion here at Daily Kos as to what the Supreme Court ordered.

    b) The majority of comments around here has been that the Court ordered this process to be worked out at the county level in 87+ negotiations. This line addresses the "legal authority" issue of the local election officials to make determinations of which absentee ballots are valid. I'm not sure this is what's going on. There is also the nightmare thought of:

    c) This negotiation is going to happen across the state alright, but over EACH ballot in question. ("This should be rejected since there's no zip code on the return address....But it was delivered by US mail so the Post Office affirms this is a valid address"). I don't think they are going here but I list it as seen on occasion around here.

    Since after the withdrawn challenges are recompiled this is the largest remaining pool of ballots we'll watch for developments. Fortunately by all accounts the absentees seem to have favored Franken so the more of these ballots that get counted the firmer his lead. (Oh and to be clear: whatever process is designed and agreed upon NO ONE gets to look inside a ballot first and then say, "This Franken ballot should be rejected because....." They have to do them unopened just like any other absentee ballot.)

Monday Morning Media (This Title brought to you by Minnesota based company 3M!)
     Not a thing on the recount in the Star Trib this morning, bumped off the news by the Viking stumble yesterday that kept them from clinching the division and the morbid realization among Purple fans that the surest/quickest way for their team to gain the playoff is tonight to root for........the PACKERs (major writhing across the state) beat the Bears tonight (more writhing).
    One delightful LTE from suburban New Hope: "As a moderate Republican it is not often that I want to sing the praises of any Minnesota politician. Secretary of State Mark Ritchie is a notable exception. He has been pressured by all sides without compromisng his duty or integrity. I salute you sir."

UPDATE 1: The WinRev gets MAIL! Just arrived in the in-box and I'm delighted to post:

Hi, WineRev,
I'm a fellow Kossak who has been following your diaries.  Since you occasionally post when I am not able to comment, I was hoping you would consider including a link in your diary to this OPED piece which was printed in the Pioneer Press on Sunday.
A Recount To Count On:
Mark Halverson has done wonderful work over the past several years on the issue of election integrity.  Mark has been instrumental in working on this issue, both here in Minnesota and nationally.
Full disclosure:  I am a member of Citizens for Election Integrity.
Thank you for the great diaries you have posted about the Minnesota Senate Race.  Don't know how you are able to keep up with the diaries, work your day job, and spend time with your family.  My hat is off to you!

OK, I'm going to go lie down and see if a 2nd cup of coffee will help. Thats the latest from yust southest of Lake Wobegon.


Originally posted to WineRev on Mon Dec 22, 2008 at 05:11 AM PST.

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