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Ok, fine, SusanG was irresponsible for her repeated posting:

Meteor Blades will write his farewell

Of course, as we have discovered -- beyond irresponsible, SusanG is callous.  Did she even once respond to frantic Whaaaaaaa?  NO.  Only mcjoan commented that she was out of the loop.  Yeah, right -- she's in D.C. whooping it up and couldn't care less about the rest of us.

As I am in between writing Nobel Prize winning ditties, I thought I'd do a little research.  Thankfully I have unnamed sources who wish to remain unnamed sources without some kind of, hmmm, gratuity.  They will remain unnamed, therefore.

As the DKos community is known to be a closed society which does not respect Freedom of Speech or those who have other opinions about Area 51, martial law on January 19, 2009 or the integrity of Arlen Specter, I am sure what I am about to reveal will be kept among this small group.

Many here have gone into overdrive regarding just what the coded message SusanG thoughtlessly published -- TWICE.  Now, I'm not one to call out a front pager, but, REALLY SUSANG!  WHAT WERE YOU THINKING???  This is a caring community; a thoughtful community.  Nary a stoopid thing has ever been printed here -- except SUSANG'S OUTRAGEOUS COMMENT!  I digress.

While sharing a couple of swigs from an unknown bottled substance in a brown paper bag with one of my unnamed sources, I finally tricked him/her/it into spilling the beans about Meteor Blades' announcement tomorrow.  Yes, I know, some will scream:  SPOILER! But, isn't that what we are all about?  Spoiling things?

It has come to my attention that Meteor Blades is now sequestered in a monastary in the Kerpafalaxiastan Mountains.  "Huh?" you intelligently query.  WTF?   Well, my dear right of center friends, the reason is simple.  MB, after month after month of posting late night diaries at his advanced age, has forgotten some of the basics of blogging -- draft, save, retrieve.

For those of you who have expressed both shock and concern, I provide for you, free of charge (except shipping and handling costs of $480,586.73) the first authenticated footage of Meteor Blades attempting to recover his skills.  Oh, and he has now taken his vows and will be henceforth known as Brother Ansgarr.

Please forward donations to:
St. Fumfiasus Monastary
Top of the 3rd Hill
Kerpafalaxiastan, East Bumfuck 000957205
(Cash only)
Thank you on behalf of Brother Ansgarr.

Originally posted to gchaucer2 on Sat Jan 17, 2009 at 07:27 PM PST.

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