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Here it is.
There is only one caution.
Don't let it happen again.

It has been almost thirty years since I learned all this.
I have tried to tell "all this" before.....many times.
It all started with......
My wife insisting that I buy a new suit.
In it, I was mistaken for a VIP--and that was my undoing.
I was late to a "company seminar" on energy at the Airport Hilton
in DesMoines, Iowa.   It was being conducted by the
W.R. Grace Company,  Two speakers and a Company Executive.
One of my company's Vice-presidents was seated behind me.
We both came in late.
The W.R. Grace official was being directed to the VP by one of my company's people.
He mistakenly looked directly at me.
It was a huge meeting.
Covering all of the Airport Hilton meeting rooms.
After the meeting that evening, I visited a cousin that lived outside DesMoines.
I stayed for a couple of hours and went back to the Hilton.
I decided to have a drink before going to my room.
Seated at a two person table in the Hilton Lounge,
I looked up and was startled to see the Grace Executive standing at my table.
He seemed to "know" me.  He joined me at the table.
He kept calling me "Sir", although he was probably only
a few years junior to me.
He was buying drinks and had consumed some before.
Nobody seemed to need an introduction.
In a few sentences, it was obvious that he was trying
to sell me an "idea".
He thought he was "preaching to the choir"
He started out with "Unions".
They had a plan to destroy a governmant "Union".
He hoped it would be the letter carriers.
His plan was to infiltrate the union and direct it
to plan an illegal strike.  Striking a government entity
was illegal at that time.
They did that.
His conversation became more direct.
He told me about a person called George Bush.
I had never heard of him.
Bush had made a failed attempt as a Texas Senator.
while Richard Nixon was elected in a landslide.  Strange.
He was given a job in the Nixon Whitehouse, that was
bedeviled with the Watergate investigation.
Nixon gave him the task of hiding
almost one hundred Nixon political operatives that
were being pursued by Watergate investigators.
He was to "find them new jobs".
They were paid by the Whitehouse or the RNC,
but the money was being "watched".   The operatives
were getting desparate.
Bush, in a Texas type move, went "all in".
He placed these political operatives in the most covert section
of the CIA.   G.H.W. Bush was a White House hero.
The person telling this to me said, and I quote,
"This is the most serendipitous act that the Republican
Party ever made".
The following acts made it treason.
Those operatives were unstoppable.
He went on to say political assassinations were going to be "different".
Targets would be removed by way of airplane or airline accidents,
or other disasters.  They were.
They were able to control elections because they had  the legitimate
identification to enter all polling places and counting rooms.
They could "fix" all elections.  They did.
They were going to stop Jimmy Carter with one act in the Middle East.
They did.
An unforeseen thing then happened.
Bush lost the primary to Reagan.
Then Bush was made the Vice Presidential candidate.
But Reagan was the victim later.
The assassination attempt was made by a friend of the Bush family.
He was adjudicated to be "mentally ill"
Two Democratic Senators died in small plane "accidents"
A rising star in the Democratic Party also died in the same way.
John F. Kennedy JR.
The Secretary of Commerce would die with 17 businessmen
in a military aircraft in an island off Bosnia.
All were killed by turning off Omni Range beacons and turning on
temporary sites to misdirect airplanes to crash into mountains or the sea.
Three Democratic Senators received Anthrax laced letters
through the mail.
The "markers" in that Anthrax were the same as the militarized bacteria
available to the CIA Langley Headquarters.
The one glaring mistake that was made was rewarding
one of the operatives that affected the student uprising in Teheran.
They provided the students with actual documents of
Embassy contingency  plans of action under certain circumstance.
These plans incited  the students to riot and sieze the Embassy.
That operative, his wife and another and his wife "escaped" from
the Teheran Embassy the day it was siezed.
All four  had been "mind control experts" and "remote viewers" for the CIA.
Two men and their wives  were  "coincidently" inside the Canadian Embassy when the
takeover occurred.  All four of them----amazing coincidence.
The mistake was made by rewarding this traitor with the position
of Ambassador to Gambia.
This was done by George W.Bush. It is the smoking gun.
How many ex-CIA operatives are made Ambassadors?
This is but a partial list of the crimes against the people of the
United States of America---and the World.
The political crimes are all very obvious.
Stolen elections and oil fraud.
It goes on and on.
The next morning confirmed it all for me.  
The Grace official was talking to his subordinates.
He was mad as hell.  He stormed out of the room.
I went down to see a friend in the presentation group.
One of the instructors said that his boss was angry because
he had mistaken someone else for a Vice President.
Suspicions confirmed.
I watched my rear view mirror all the way home.
G.H.W. Bush went "all in"  in the biggest Texas Holdem Game
that was ever held.  Over three trillion dollars stolen in the Iraq war has placed
the World economy in jeopardy.
Now he has lost.
This is just "openers".  The rest will come out in the trials.
The phony CIA agents are still there at Langley.
Many "whistleblowers" have been killed in government buildings
and government operations.
It was easier to transfer "problems" to one location........
then blow them all up at once.
The reason for the Oklahoma  Federal Building disaster.
Very evil people.

Originally posted to edscan on Tue Jan 20, 2009 at 09:06 PM PST.

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