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I want to pitch a new sit-com... well a remake actually based on current political realities and by the time it might get made if a TeeVee production outfit/Network pick it up it might help some out of work republicans...

I know a political sit-com is tricky... but with the right cast and writers... the scenario with almost write itself...

or alternately just consider this pitch just as a device to construct a really fun metaphor for the state of the entire GOP... but really it could work...

Poor Bobby "Nectar" Jindal here he is the vehicle or tool of the Republicans to embody the Everyman average American and with a really good tan as well.

But he has people like Rush Limbaugh sort of setting the tone and agenda for the party as the uncrowned soul of the whole mess. (can you crown a soul?? or zeitgeist?)

And all of the party is lost  due to following a map for the ship of state provided by Bush-Cheney, Phil Gramm, and assorted Winger Teevee pundits and preachers... and stranded on a shrinking bit of geography the red areas of the red states mostly... it's as if they were surrounded by a flood, nay an ocean of Democratic voters... so here they are driven onto what might be a right wing desert Island and then ignored almost forgotten... lost, stranded, castaway... Sounds familiar right?

Sooooo, I give you....


*Bobby Jindal is Gilligan

*Rush Limbaugh is the Skipper,

*John McCain is the Millionaire... Thurston Howell... (did he also marry for money?)

*His wife is of course the millionaire's wife...

*Ann Coulter is the Movie star... (Dye job, blond instead of red but the attitude is right)

*The professor.... hmmm I think it's gotta be Chuck Norris with a McGyver and Jackie Chan cram course... the show will need an action hero to be up to date...


*for Mary Ann, the consolation prize has to go to Sarah Palin!

And check this video of "Stairway to Gilligan's Island" (make that
Jindal's Island)

you will have to agree that Jindal, Palin and Rush are dead ringers for their earlier counterparts... they were born to play these roles on Jindal's island...

Skipper Rush all grumpy yanking Bobby's agenda chain seeing scary brown people and liberals under every bush, Palin being just so gosh darn cute and hometown girl... ya just wanna.... um... hold hands with... while she goes Moose hunting with you....And imagine Chuck fighting off the invading natives/immigrants and other maybe terrorist liberals who accidentally visit the island with Jackie Chan style martial arts hilarity.... and cooking up unlikely McGyver-stile inventions to save them all and get re-elected or just taken seriously again.

All the wacky plans to save their excursion party politically. Trickle down and supply side pratfalls from Thurston McCain lording it over the lesser Republicans on the island in a just good folks homespun way (and have you seen him on SNL a natural comic!)... and poor Jindal(igan) being the sheepish butt of all the good matured jests and attempts by each of his fellow castaways to be the chairman/president of the Island...  wacky investment schemes and tax dodges... the possibilities are endless.

As mentioned in a comment earlier today when I first got the idea for this since they are all Republicans they all have to be or want to be the chief.. and since hapless Bobby is the youngest and Palin could take him every time wrasslin' he has to be the default "Indian" to all the reactionary Chiefs there...

Originally posted to IreGyre on Thu Feb 26, 2009 at 11:31 AM PST.


Who fits their role best? (looks the part or acts the part)

24%13 votes
22%12 votes
20%11 votes
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14%8 votes
11%6 votes
7%4 votes

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